When you don’t want to say im fine because they will know you are definently NOT fine
Hey are you ok

Yah I’m good
by Maddiee_99 November 04, 2018
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Breaks down into 2 parts first being I’m good meaning no or no thanks second being Rt meaning pass it on / share it with someone else
Casey , Raheem thinks your cute would you go out with him. Casey replies with “nah I’m good Rt
by Big Doboy September 18, 2019
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It’s basically another term for saying “I’m good” or “no thanks
Friend : “you should get with the new kid Tommy

Me : “I’m good luv, enjoy”
by Nighasaintshit June 29, 2018
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Woman driving into ongoing brake traffic.
Guy. Slow down you are going to crash. slow down.. Slow Down.SLOW DOWN!!!!
Girl: I’m good.
by Tacos&Curry January 05, 2020
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person 1: “The pastor says I’m good”

person 2: Lmao mccafferty

Person 2: but Jesus Christ im never good
Person 1: I’ll nail my hands up to the wall

ayo I’m board as fuck idk why I did this
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