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always a party at the bars and our girls are rich and hot
by landonstud March 08, 2005
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A private southern university in New Orleans, Louisiana. Housed A.B. Freeman School of Business, Law School, Engineering, Tulane College for men & Newcomb Collegefor women. Tulane and Newcomb have been disolved into one undergraduate college after Hurricane Katrina closed the university for the Fall 2005 semester.

Scott Cowen is the president of tulane university and closed these historic colleges.
by newcomblives September 23, 2006
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i want to go to tulane, but i really want to go to a school that has lots of topiary gardens
by bitemestow-serge February 22, 2005
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School for kids who possibly for the first time in their lives didn't get what they were meant to want.
Overpriced, but considering the target group and the element of luxury consumption, shrewdly so. Snowflake's going to love it, and forget about not getting into Harvard or Duke, so it's all good and the money's well spent.

Tulane was a better fit.
by So? July 10, 2008
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1. A collection of Jews, I.E. the nick name Jewlane, Northerners, and intellegent people from Louisiana. Basically the poorest excuse for a college anywhere.

2. Lacking any affinity to have a good time.
1. Hey look at that rich jew. I bet he goes to Tulane.

2. Wow i wish that boring ass mother fucker would stop being so tulane.
by Chris P. February 24, 2005
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