Intense irrational fear of small holes and clusters of circles and bumps. It can be triggered by consumer products such as the iPhone Max and Pro Max. The phobia can be activated in the brain when a visual stimulus has the same characteristics as a dangerous organism.
Typically computer companies like Apple and Google come up with ways in which to make their products highly addictive so their customers are highly dependent on them. Finally, they have come up with a way to become phobic regarding their devices. People with the trypophobia trait should have a selective advantage in finding a breeding partner.
by mlhiss September 11, 2019
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What privileged little TikTok losers think they have because they don’t actually have a real phobia.
Person one: posts picture that happens to have little holes in it

Person two: oMg sToP yOuR tRiGgErInG mY tRyPoPhObIa!!!

Person one: shut tf up
by Uglyducklingkin December 19, 2019
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Trypophobia is a phobia if u have trypophobia then that means u have a fear of small holes
Trypophobia is a weird phobia u'll know what it means if u look/scroll
by December 8, 2020
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The sense of intense repulsion brought on by the sight of thousands and thousands of irregular hyper realistic hairs placed on top of a cartoon head
Nintendo Fan: Did you see the Super Mario Odyssey trailer?
Casual: Yeah I did. His hair looks cool.
Nintendo Fan: It gave me follicular trypophobia.
Casual: What?
by GrootFan221 August 5, 2018
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Trypophobia, in small terms, means the fear or disgust of holes.
Writer's Trypophobia means the fear of plot holes in a story you're writing.

To write yourself a large novel, and realise at one point, that there's at least one plot hole, and now you're terrified of how many other other plot holes you've dug for yourself. Well done. *slow claps*
"Hey Nanowrimo, I'm stuck on my story! I've got so many plot holes to fix!"
"Do you need any help or hints?"
"Yes, please. I have such Writer's Trypophobia!"
by tenkunsfw November 8, 2020
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