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One who has strong resolve. A resilient person, a nintendo fan has suffered from a lack of good adult games for the GCN. They are forced to sit back and watch silently as PS2 fans and XBOX fans laugh in their face with their Halo and Fatal Frame and Devil May Cry games. But nonetheless the Nintendo fan remains strong, taking comfort in Mario's fireballs and Samus's Varia Suit. Because, by god, they believe in the original, the roots of gaming. And without our roots, what are we? Long live the Nintendo fan. Be proud of what you are, for even in these dark days, there still is hope.
NintendoFan345: Yes, I know that Nintendo has no strong adult games. (besides Killer 7 and Resident Evil 4) But I'm still damn proud to be a Nintendo Fan.
by PikaFan157 July 20, 2006
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I won't include the URL for Nintendo Fans because that would be spamming.
by Golemio February 28, 2004
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