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While bukkake is the act of multiple men cumming over a kneeling person, the act of gugging comes from all the cum being aimed into said person's mouth, and having them hold it all in their mouth while getting fucked afterwards.
If the person perfects the task, they may, for example, be allowed to cum.

Based off the onomatopoeic sound 'glug' when drinking thick liquids.
"Steve dared this chick to a gugging challenge after we all came on her last night. She had no chance though, she was a screamer."
by tenkunsfw September 18, 2020
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When you open up the oven to check on your food and get blasted with the hot air from inside.
Like a slap in the face from the balls of the devil.
"Careful when you open the oven! You'll get the Devil's Balls!"

"What happened?"
"Just got hit with the Devil's Balls while looking at the pizzas."
by tenkunsfw November 8, 2019
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Much like the Devil's Balls, this is also a common cooking related incident:
The hot oil that splatters and spits at you while you're cooking food in a pan.

Example: When you're cooking bacon and the oil splatters up and onto your arms. Even better if it gets on your face.

Like a cumshot from the Devil himself, heat and all. Can also call it Devil's Cumshot.
"What'd ya do?"
"I just got Devil's Cum all up on on my arm! Bugger didn't even buy me a drink first!"
by tenkunsfw March 11, 2022
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Trypophobia, in small terms, means the fear or disgust of holes.
Writer's Trypophobia means the fear of plot holes in a story you're writing.

To write yourself a large novel, and realise at one point, that there's at least one plot hole, and now you're terrified of how many other other plot holes you've dug for yourself. Well done. *slow claps*
"Hey Nanowrimo, I'm stuck on my story! I've got so many plot holes to fix!"
"Do you need any help or hints?"
"Yes, please. I have such Writer's Trypophobia!"
by tenkunsfw November 8, 2020
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