The universal wide spread destruction, disaster and collapse of the United States due to Donald Trump's corruption, lack of experience and hard work, malignant narcissism and his relationship with Putin of Russia. Which includes the encouragement of the extreme military right wing
After 6 months as president Trump has caused the Trumpocalypse everyone was worried about which wrecked the United States as we knew it.
by geraldatwork February 7, 2017
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When everything in America starts going down the drain during Donald Trump presidency.
The stock market dropped 300 points, it's Trumpocalypse!
by Mayrut January 3, 2017
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The sense of impending doom to be visited upon us in the event of a Trump victory. Also, the actual end of the world brought about as our modern world order comes crashing down in a financial meltdown and emphatically wrought by Trombies - the intolerant zombies espousing Trump doctrine (AKA - koolaid)
Have you ordered your Amazon Pantry shipment yet? I hear the Republican Convention will be decided soon and you know that you'll need some serious rations for surviving the Trumpocalypse.
by JayBirdQ March 30, 2016
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The catastrophic events leading to the end of the world that will most likely happen if Donald Trump is elected president.
Dammit, this post - Trumpocalypse hunting and gathering is such a pain!
by manimalmandroid2 May 4, 2016
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The state of civil disrupt and destructive behavior among the American population generated by the election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of The United States in November of 2016.

note: This term applies to all negativity of, by and towards ALL peoples of America (i.e. genders, races, political parties, etc.)
Natsha: "WOW! The aftermath of this election is almost unbelievable!

Boris: "Yep, it's like a Trumpocalypse!"
by Anjimeow November 12, 2016
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When things go apocalyptic with Trump in charge.
Dude, the Dems skulldug, cheated, and lied and found themselves in a total Trumpocalypse!
by SoManyVictimsSoLittleTime June 12, 2019
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The complete and utter destruction of the regressive liberal viewpoint by actions matching words.
"Everyone to your safe spaces with your appointed therapist/reiki master, the Trumpocalypse is upon us!"
by Prometheus Partystarter February 10, 2017
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