An absurb statement or series of statements with no basis in fact uttered or tweeted by Donald Trump, often at 6 am during his already scheduled dumping times. A Trump dump may not be retracted until after more than 5 years of assertation without any evidence (see: Obama's birth certificate), or may just pass into nothingness after the media frenzy is complete.
Have you heard about the latest Trump dump? Apparently Big Bird is really a nazi propogandist!
by #trumpdump March 18, 2017
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Fecal matter that strongly (or loosely) resembles Donald Trump, in appearance, smell, or intelligence.
After Taco Tuesday I polluted the bathroom with a particularly potent Trump Dump.
by Salty Cecil February 13, 2016
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When you have to take a huge, messy and smelly poop, especially when that poop goes on and on or occurs in multiple stages.
"Man, those burritos I ate last night game me a lot of belly pain."
"Are you feeling OK today?"
Oh yeah - this morning I had a major Trump Dump, and now I'm all cleaned out."

"Oh my GOD IN HEAVEN, what is that SMELL?"
Sorry, I just took a Trump Dump."
by ChickOfFewWords November 13, 2016
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1. A literal brain shit by The Donald when he fires off an explosive Tweet.
2. What a Republican does after railing a Trump Bump (coke in honor of Trump) due to a sudden need to use the toilet.
1. "Man , did you see that latest Trump Dump? I think war with North Korea is pretty much certain now"
2. "Oh shit, that was good stuff. I'm gonna need to take a Trump Dump now"
by aceharr November 5, 2017
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A big turd sold at second hand stores and is graced by the retardation of Trump.
Man, that trump dump is huge!!
by MackSneale March 7, 2017
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Verb. To walk into a crowded, well lit place, carefully lower you trousers and defecate on the floor and then immediately blame someone else for the mess while still wiping your bottom.
Jim: Did you see the Trump Dump that the President just took?
Biff: You mean when he had a number of extra martial affairs with porn stars and then blames his attorney for making the hush money payoffs.
by dgRonbo December 15, 2018
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When Donald Tweets stupid shit, he is having another Trump dump!
Did you hear about the latest Trump dump? Fake news? That's a nice Trump dump!💩😬
by Farty McFartface November 12, 2018
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