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Dressed in Confederate gray, a black man named Anthony marched with the banner clutched in his hands. His brother, Harry, accompanied him, wearing jeans and a Robert E. Lee T-shirt.

Hervey's devotion to the flag began when he discovered that a great-great-uncle, James Hervey, was a black American who fought for the Confederacy during the American Civil War. James Hervey served in the Army of Mississippi and was killed at the battle of Shiloh.

Further research helped Hervey discover records of at least 100,000 black Confederates who fought in the war.

"I am marching for freedom," Hervey said. "The battle flag stands for freedom and states' rights. The U.S. flag is the flag of slavery. It flew over 100 years of slavery, and Native Americans were annihilated under that flag."

For his march, Hervey chose the site where a Confederate flag once stood, one of eight representing entities that have governed the Coast. Harrison County removed the flags because of protests over the Confederate flag, a racist symbol to many, flying on the public beach.

Hervey's crusade also has taken him to Jackson. In the Jackson City Council chambers June 13, Hervey showed up wearing his battle grays, wrapped in the flag. A scuffle erupted between a Jackson man, who said he supported Hervey, and a city councilman who exchanged words, according to published reports. Hervey was not involved in the shoving match.

Hervey sees a correlation between the past and today's controversies over the flag.

"We currently live under a psychological form of reconstruction," he said. "Whites are made to feel guilty for sins of their ancestors, and blacks are made to feel downtrodden. This keeps all of us from communicating. The political correctness of today is killing the pride of the people."

Hervey is the founder of the Black Confederate Soldier Foundation, an Oxford-based, not-for-profit organization. Its stated mission is to foster new thought on the Civil War. Claims that the Confederate flag is a racist symbol are, to the group, part of a nonissue. Black Confederates, the group says, have been misrepresented in historical texts.

Hervey wants to build a memorial that will include the names of the black Confederates who fought and died in the War Between the States.

As the Hervey brothers continued their march, shouts of support and anger could be heard from passing motorists. A group of young black men hanging from car windows shouted at the pair. Hervey instructed his brother to look forward "like a true soldier."

"Don't even look at them," Hervey said, citing the young men's behavior as an example of black psychology today.

"They will yell a lot and want you to confront them, but they will not do anything," Hervey said.

"I found it appalling what happened in South Carolina, and I'm afraid this is going to happen in Mississippi." Hervey said. "We seek only to correct the errors in history - to right the wrongs done to the memories of these brave soldiers.
the rebel flag is not a racist symbol assholes
by toyota man January 15, 2009
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If you ever see someone fly this flag it means that that that person is a redneck and that that person is proud of their southern heritage. It does not, however, mean that that person is a racist.
by Jnelsonmarka October 05, 2006
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The rebel flag was the flag of the Confederate States of America. A lot of people are offended by rebel flags because they believe they symbolize racism. Quite the contrary. I like rebel flags, but I am not racist. The Civil War erupted over states' rights, not slavery. The South was mostly people in favor of states' rights, and the North was mostly people who wanted the national government to have more power over the states. Please, learn your history before you judge.
The rebel flag symbolizes states' rights.
by GAgrl93 October 03, 2009
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The Rebel flag is the flag that was used by the Confederate States of America, as you should probably know. Many find it racist becuase the Confederates were for slavery but it is NOT racist. Confederates freed slaves that enlisted in their army and didnt force them. Most black Confederates were proud to fight for them. Confederates freed their slaves 5 years before the union did. Also there was slavery under the U.S. flag a lot longer than under the Rebel flag. The U.S. flag was hanging on the ships that shipped slaves and not the Rebel flag. And by the way... the civil war wasnt only fought over slavery, there were more issues and differences.
" look at that redneck with his rebel flag, what a racist"

" THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN i bought a Rebel flag with hank williams jr's head in the middle saying 'if the south woulda won wed have it made'
by NealOrNoNeal May 13, 2009
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I hear peoples opinions and read on the internet of the people who are so quick to judge and assume that they know what they are talking about when it comes to the rebel flag, when infact most people are close-minded. I am not going to sit here and say that most of the confederates back in the civil war did not want to keep slaves when infact most of them did, but the war was mostly over government and money, yes we did have alot of slaves that signed up to fight on our side and they gave their lives just as much as the whites did. I really hate prejudice people. To me the Flag represents alot of things and slavery is NOT one of them. I am very proud to wave my flag and I am also proud to say that I have 2 beautiful mixed children from a black man, does that mean that I have no right to wave it? I was born on July 4th, 1976 and I can remember being told time and time again that my birthday was very important and to see the flag wave was a beautiful site. To me the rebel flag reminds me of where our nation has been and what we have done. I never hear people saying anything about the north it is always about the south. I love being from the south and I carry my head high with pride and honor knowing that I am southern. I don't feel that anyone has the right to judge anyone no matter where they are from and who they are, apparently Lincoln thought we were good enough to be one instead of two so he made it be, so I guess to some he was wrong, but to me he is one of my heros and I love him for what he did. He was a brave man who had heart and wisdom, he saw things in a way that most presidents would not have. Lincoln was a very Godly man and had alot to carry on his shoulders as a leader but I am sure that he would of been proud to die for the reasons he did, just not the way he did meaning in the back of the head!

Some black people are so quick to judge when they see the rebel flag "Oh look at the redneck waving his flag in his truck I bet he is in the KKK" but they fail to remember it is our right to be proud of our flag just like they are when we see a Jamicain, African or even a Spanish flag but a true southern person will not judge or be judged. Charlie Pride was a black country singer and he was good at what he did, so apprently as southerner's we weren't against slavery that much because if we were he would not of made it to the Grand Ol' Opry!
south civil war rebel flag confederate soliders stars stripes
by Dixie Pride June 24, 2009
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the rebel flag, also known as the confederate flag, has nothing to do with racism. yes the klan, skin heads, and other white supremeness groups use the flag but they are the ones that gave the flag a bad name.

the flag was originally created to be the battle flag of the C.S.A. after they broke away from the union.

the war everyone knows about about, the civil war, was the main battle where the flag was flown.

the civil war was over alot more than just slavery. fact general lee didnt even own a slave but the northern generals did. fact the south freed their slaves before the north. fact the slaves that were freed joined the confederate army willingly and were proud to fight with us. fact the us flag had more slavery under it than the confederate flag. fact some black people fly the confederate flag too.

there is more to the confederate flag than just what is pro-trade.
look at that redneck and his rebel flag, he must be a racist.

but they dont know he has black friends.
by rebel life October 24, 2011
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The confederait battle flag that is proudly waved by southern people to show there proud of southern heritage. it is NOT a racist flag!
Hey look at drew waving the rebel flag showing his pride of the south
by john April 05, 2004
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