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An absurb statement or series of statements with no basis in fact uttered or tweeted by Donald Trump, often at 6 am during his already scheduled dumping times. A Trump dump may not be retracted until after more than 5 years of assertation without any evidence (see: Obama's birth certificate), or may just pass into nothingness after the media frenzy is complete.
Have you heard about the latest Trump dump? Apparently Big Bird is really a nazi propogandist!
by #trumpdump March 21, 2017
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When one acts like a bag of sh*t
Aka ( Donald Trump )
Smart person: Want to go with me and Hailey to the city?

Ignorant person: I'm not black?

Smart person: stop acting like a trump dump!
by HaileySimmons October 08, 2016
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When Donald trump takes a verbal shit
Person 1: Hey, did you hear what trump said about Mexicans?
Person 2: yeah, it was a total trump dump!
by Emazing July 19, 2016
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Fecal matter that strongly (or loosely) resembles Donald Trump, in appearance, smell, or intelligence.
After Taco Tuesday I polluted the bathroom with a particularly potent Trump Dump.
by Salty Cecil September 17, 2016
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When our feckless, narcissistic, racist, pathological, fraudulent lying traitor President's mouth becomes a huge anus capable of spewing the most contradictory hypocritical piles of feces that only the most gullible of his base believe...i.e....the GOP... another word for spineless cowards.
The President took a massive Trump Dump today with his latest lies about NATO, EEU and Russia.
by EightBall July 18, 2018
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