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To trumble, when a big girl (not just fat, big too) is being annoying and not really realizing she is big. Literally referring to the manner in which she moves: trumbling from place to place, but also just her general existence.
Julie came trumbling into class with lunch in hand again. She eats during class EVERY TIME!
by Kappa Danka Nuggs Founder January 26, 2011
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Anticipatory anxiety, possibly inducing physical trembling, that President Donald Trump's policy-making decisions will cause irreparable society-wide socioeconomic suffering and global geopolitical destabilization.
I'm so afraid that President Trump will go ahead with the action he's considering taking, that I'm trumbling.
by 1<l10mmm November 09, 2016
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You are officially shook like a queen and you’re quaking but your having a bodyquake
by HaraVargara January 03, 2018
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