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Truggle; the standard defenintion of a person who is a failureat everything.
Guy 1: oh man i cant do anything! I lost my job because i fell, I cant iron my cloths without burning them, i cant live!

Guy 2: wow chill out ya truggle ;D you cant seem to live life at all... END IT YOU TRUGGLE!
by magman77 January 29, 2009
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Truggles is a nickname of a person with the meaning of one brings happiness and success to those around. Its origin is from the miss spelling of the name Truly to Trugly, a terrible sounding name. To bring dignity back to the name Truly, Trugly evolved to Truggles.
When I hang out with Truggles I am walking on sunshine and good luck comes my way.
by Travibabe May 07, 2018
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