Look, listen, and learn. Being a true gamer isn't about playing every game," A TRUE gamer plays from the HEART." They Play Games the way their supposed to be played. They don't play halo online to get 1st place all the time, they play because they want to. They play to play. And they learn from their mistakes and slowly they become better and better, THAT'S WHAT MAKES YOU A TRUE GAMER. Not all that other BS.
Your're playing Halo you keep getting killed by the same guy. Like i said learn from your mistakes, observe that player watch his/her moves. Give him/her some props say something like your good man then maybe ya'll will team up in another game. THAT'S AN EXAMPLE OF TRUE GAMING RIGHT THERE, being a team even though your on the blue he/she's on the red. Not being a big noob like when someone keeps killing you you say "YOU DUMB MOTHER F'ER STOP SHOOTING ME YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF", yeah well you know. Don't do that it's bogus and people are going to think you're every bad word in the dictionary. So there you have it. Straight from the true gamer himself.
by The{1ONE1} June 25, 2011
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There are a lot of definitions for this word and pretty much most of them are right, but they're all leaving out a vital detail : Gaming isn't just playing one company's systems and only the systems of that one company. To be a true gamer, you accept that a good game is a good game and you shouldn't give a crap what system it's on.
Guy 1: I only play games for PS3.

Guy 2 : Not me I'm a true gamer. I play all good games. Xbox, Nintendo, Play Station, PC, whatever.
by AaronXXX November 12, 2010
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A True Gamer is one who consistently spends time playing PC and/or console games, at least three to four times per week. Hours spent playing can vary from only an hour per session to multiple hours per session. This consistent behavior must be present for a long period of time (i.e. more than 4 –6 months).

A True Gamer plays to have fun with the game and to have fun with friends. He/she enjoys winning, yet mostly is concerned with the pleasure of the entertainment.

A True Gamer also usually makes time to “fit in” a little time to play, no matter how busy he/she is. Playing games is fun and relaxing for the True Gamer.

A True Gamer enjoys playing a game AFTER finishing it; maybe not spend the same number of hours as before beating it, but will not sell the game after completing the main objectives.

A True Gamer DOES NOT buy a game, play and beat it in a span of one month, then never plays is again, then continues on with his/her life (this person could be considered a “regular gamer” or a “recreational gamer”).

More details regarding the “gamer” genre:
- A Gamer is one who plays PC and/or console games; one that may only play a game “once in a while.”
- A Recreational Gamer is one who plays only a select few types of games (e.g. sports, RPGs, or first-person shooter) and will only play the games when it is convenient to him/her (a.k.a Casual Gamer)
- A Hardcore Gamer is one who dedicates all free time to PC and/or console games. This person DOES NOT have to smell, be a geek, or any other stereotype associated with this type. This person respects the gaming industry for all of its accomplishments throughout its history, prefers to win, prefers to beat every game he/she plays, and talks to others about the games (in detail) he/she plays to others outside of his/her own house.
There are more recreational gamers than true gamers.
by Mr. Brown June 18, 2006
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Read the first post. i would like to add some following statements:

a person who does NOT enjoy laughing at other people's corpses, and doesnt write "crap" "shit" "fuck" or "noob" in game.

when a gamer gets killed, he does not get pissed. he understands that he CAN be beaten, and says: "wow, youre pretty good" or "good job, you have nice skills"
he does NOT say : "omg ur a pfukin r-tard you cant do sheet i was actually leting u win omg piss of go fu*k w/ur dog, shite noob"
-notice the E in the word SHIT.-
this happened to me once in Guild wars; the dude put me on Ignore and called me names. typicall 11 year old non-gamer attitude. True gamers are cool and stay cool.
by i playes guild wars's October 17, 2007
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A collective mythical being, largely based in fanboy rhetoric, whose attributes and opinions change to match the speaker's views. Also known as "Real Gamer", "tr00 gamer", or any misspellings or variations thereof.

Sometimes used by self-proclaimed "hardcore gamers" when trying to convince other greasy individuals of the evils of casual gaming.
Gamer: xbox leik totally blows. everyone knows that the TRUE GAMERS are moving to PS3. see u l8r xbots
Gamer: all the REAL GAMERS hate where the wii is taking us: CASUAL JUNCTION. don't buy one, galaxy sucks anyway
by The Cultural Drain June 25, 2009
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An extreme misogynist and involuntary celibate who absolutely despises minorities and/or non-whites with his entire being. These individuals rose to the surface of the gaming community around 2015 during the gamergate media explosion, which targeted sexism and enforced progressivism in the gaming community.

Typically a male, he believes in a jewish deep state conspiracy and that gamers are the most oppressed race to have ever existed. They like to gather at conventions and take part in a cult called gang weed where they hail a deity who takes the form of the joker from the batman franchise. They are very easy to single out from a crowd since they will always weigh over 220 pounds (100 kilos). any individual who does not conform to the aforementioned cannot call themselves a true gamer.
guy 1: "Did you hear about jimmy last week? He was arrested for brutally beating his wife, and he'd been hiding it all year."
guy 2: "Holy shit dude, no, not at all. I thought he was a pretty nice guy, but I guess he's a true gamer now.
by aussiegamercop October 25, 2018
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A true gamer can be a fan of anygame as long as it is an offical game and not some ripoff stuff.A true gamer needs to take the game seriously according to the game's atmosphere and be professional at all sorts of things and apply goood things you learnt from game in real life.(For example:Kill anything that is a major threat to you like in minecraft)but at the same time also not a addict and live a healthy lifestyle but also ensure you grade is good.
Here are 5 rules of being a gamer:
1.Don't be toxic online.
2.Don't complain about everything.
3.Play fair and don't cheat.
4.Help out new player.
A true gamer don't just play game all day
by May 22, 2021
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