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A person who devotes a large portion of their time towards gaming and gaming variations. A hardcore gamer might often attempt to optimize their playing style, often by the use of gaming gear or mods/addons; this practice is often common for casual gamers, but to some lesser extent.

"A casual gamer is someone who schedules the game around their life, while a hardcore gamer schedules their life around the game." -TotalBiscuit (a.k.a TotalHalibut; The Cynical Brit)
Jim plays World of Warcraft and devotes the majority of his time to his raiding guild, including altering his real life schedule to suit his guild's needs. Hence, he is, to some extent, a hardcore gamer.
by The_Cynical_Gamer March 21, 2011
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"I had a lot of cartoon characters that used to get me sexually aroused as a kid... The female reindeer from the Rudolph claymation series, when I was in preschool, I used to be bricked up watching that shit." -Jack Harlow
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(This commentary is written from the view of someone who technically qualifies as a Hardcore Gamer but, absolutely hates the majority of his peers. If you happen to be an HC gamer, that still manages to NOT look down on all those who don't conform to your style or that you are NOT somehow owed something from your hobby, than this does not apply to you. Not all HCG's are like this. The below is however, how the vocal majority wish to be seen. This is for them, and the bad name they give us all.)

Hardcore Gamer:

A very vocal, arrogant minority of gamers that assume that the gaming industry revolves (or should revolve) around them.

Consider their own skills, and preferences and, those of their peers, to be the only acceptable use of a recreational medium.

Often use the term "True Gamer". An arrogant, idiotic term invented by insecure people to justify their own gaming style.

The irony is, the gaming industry was born from the notion, that these are games, pinball dating back as far as the 40's was designed for people to relax and enjoy.
Pong brought it home, followed by other game systems that were designed for fun and recreation.

However, like all hobbies, there will always be those "stop having fun guys" that ruin it for everyone else.
People who feel that the industry belongs to them.
People who fail to realize that there will always be a place for them but really just want it all. If casual players get their way the whole industry will collapse and the world will end.
People who adopted the medium as their own and decided that they were the only ones worthy.

Refuse to accept that, like board games, video games are made to be enjoyed. They aren't made for you to feel good about yourself. there are hardcore boardgamers out there too and, they also miss the point.

Hardcore gamers are no less ridiculous than a "pin the tail on the donkey" elitist, who shows up to a birthday party with their own pins and blindfold, won't shut up about you're "spinning all wrong" then looks shocked, as to why the rest of the guests find them socially repulsive.

Hardcore gamers are generally cliquish, rude, snide and belligerent.
When they aren't attacking casuals, they're attacking each other for the dumbest shit.

"Yeah you beat that boss but, I did it without using half my abilities, blindfolded, with no healing items, on hardcore extreme killer blood-hell mode!"
Don't sell yourself short kid, you also did it with your head up your ass.

This comes from a culture where sarcasm is way more important than ideas.

To be hardcore, a game pretty much needs to be "difficult".
That's all hardcore games really are. Tedious and long, and dragged out and hard.
Because the life of a hardcore gamer generally isn't very taxing, they can turn to games to "challenge" them.

Often times they'll wax on about how casual gamers are gradually killing the market, while ignoring the fact that the market has always had room for both players and, that some people have a life to kick their ass. That, when they sit down to play a video game, it's not so damn important that a player needs to turn it into some perfectionist job you don't get payed for.

That maybe, a person who doesn't piss 90% of their paycheck on games also deserves to enjoy a game.

Me? I qualify as a hardcore gamer, but I hate the term. I'm ashamed of HC gamers and how awful they make gamers look. How ignorant they are. How arrogant and myopic. How they taunt and belittle people simply for failing to take a fucking game too seriously.

Hardcore gamers want the entire medium of electronic games for themselves. They don't care about anyone else. They're selfish, ignorant tools who want to stay in the basement, never getting laid.

There is a big difference, between wanting a challenge and, demanding everyone should. See past your own god damn skills for once in your lives. Learn to accept that not everyone can sit in front of a monitor for hours mastering a game.
If you need to insult a person's gaming preference, you're the one that needs to stop playing.
Hardcore gamers want games to be hard for the sake of compensating for an empty, easy life. They have nothing else to be proud of so they look to gaming for some shred of pride.
If only they displayed that pride with some manner of grace and civility.
by Lig Na Baste April 17, 2009
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Apparently, what any gamer who was playing video games prior to 2006 is.

A "hardcore" gamer generally puts money down on games with actual gameplay involved. They have a somewhat excessive amount knowledge of videogames in general, but these gamers are proud enthusiasts and enjoy discussing the games they play. "Hardcore" gamers select games from specific genres and trusted publishers and have been part of the gaming industry for decades. I guess that's why they're hardcore now. Who knows.

This is contrary to the casual gamer, who has risen in prominence with the help of the Nintendo Wii and Apple iPhone. These gamers favor titles such as Wii Tennis, Wii Sports Bowling and Scrabble iPhone edition. Oftentimes, they are discouraged by the learning curve more traditional videogames require and stray away from them.
Hardcore Gamer: Diner Dash!? Really?

Casual Gamer: Megaman 9...? Why?
by geno_whirl July 25, 2010
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A Hardcore gamer is a knowledgeable, active and committed individual with a high degree of interest or commitment in playing video games.
Nintendo abandoned the Hardcore gamer when they made the Wii
by Mavronumon July 10, 2016
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\A gamer who plays a variety of video games, based only on gameplay, not graphics, story, popularity,etc. They respect the old school, and own multiple consoles, old and new(not a fanboy.) They enjoy playing FPS's, JRPGS, Fighting games, etc. The term also applies to PC gamers.
You are not a hardcore gamer cause you play casual shooters, MLG isn't hardcore, playing ONE game isnt hardcore.
by MaidenPriest420 July 27, 2009
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A videogame enthusiast who does not care what system he/she is playing on, as long as the game in question is both fun (read: controls well, intrigueing and inventive gameplay, ect.) and challenging. A hardcore gamer realises that there is merit to many games on a variety of systems and often owns all of the currently available systems.

One variation on this term would be Insane hardcore gamer: A gamer who owns as many videogames as he/she can possibly get his/her hands on, often never finishing even half of what he/she owns, and also seeking out deals on famous/favourite/rare games just so that they can be added to his/her collection.
Jerry is a hardcore gamer, and owns over 200 games on 9 systems. He is always looking to expand his collection.
by Kokomo_man February 06, 2005
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