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Look, listen, and learn. Being a true gamer isn't about playing every game," A TRUE gamer plays from the HEART." They Play Games the way their supposed to be played. They don't play halo online to get 1st place all the time, they play because they want to. They play to play. And they learn from their mistakes and slowly they become better and better, THAT'S WHAT MAKES YOU A TRUE GAMER. Not all that other BS.
Your're playing Halo you keep getting killed by the same guy. Like i said learn from your mistakes, observe that player watch his/her moves. Give him/her some props say something like your good man then maybe ya'll will team up in another game. THAT'S AN EXAMPLE OF TRUE GAMING RIGHT THERE, being a team even though your on the blue he/she's on the red. Not being a big noob like when someone keeps killing you you say "YOU DUMB MOTHER F'ER STOP SHOOTING ME YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF", yeah well you know. Don't do that it's bogus and people are going to think you're every bad word in the dictionary. So there you have it. Straight from the true gamer himself.
by The{1ONE1} June 25, 2011

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