A true gamer can be a fan of anygame as long as it is an offical game and not some ripoff stuff.A true gamer needs to take the game seriously according to the game's atmosphere and be professional at all sorts of things and apply goood things you learnt from game in real life.(For example:Kill anything that is a major threat to you like in minecraft)but at the same time also not a addict and live a healthy lifestyle but also ensure you grade is good.
Here are 5 rules of being a gamer:
1.Don't be toxic online.
2.Don't complain about everything.
3.Play fair and don't cheat.
4.Help out new player.
A true gamer don't just play game all day
by May 22, 2021
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A gamer who does not fight over consoles or what game you play.
"Bro you still play Fortnite? You are so trash." Me: "Be a true gamer and don't be annoying"
by zrushin April 23, 2020
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A person who play a game and really enjoy it, because after all it's the point of playing games.They could play on consoles,PC,handheld device, smartphone,the genre of the game andthe platform isn't important and should never be.
I beaten Soulsborne games and I like them while my little sister play Angry Birds on her smartphone and really enjoy it.We are both true gamers.
by kontoculai September 22, 2019
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