#1: when answering to every question "ur mom!" or any other cliche sayings(ur face, ur dad ur sister ur grandama etc) and u get tired of it, ur dog is one of the endless possibilites.
#2: an animal related to the wolf which most of americans have for a pet.
#3: sumtimes dog or 'dawg' is used as a 'cool' name for a buddy.
#1: Joe:"hey why'd u ditch me?"
Moe:"uhh...ur dog!"
*Moe runs away.*
#2: Joe:"what animal is that?"
Moe:" a dog."
#3: Joe: "Hey!"
Moe:"sup dawg?"
by no one:(|) January 08, 2007
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The absolute pinnacle of insults. Immediately summons a black hole which rips apart our solar system.
Frank: Hey dude, ur mom gay.
Dan: Well, ur dad lesbian.
Frank: Ur granny tranny.
Dan: (sweating) Um, uh, well, ur grandpap a trap!
Frank: ...Ur dog a nignog.
(Dan is instantly ripped to shreds, molecule by molecule along with everyone existing entity in the earthen solar system.)
by 5W00GY March 20, 2018
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Only to be used in extreme, dire situations, in which every phrase in your arsenal has been either used, exhausted, or turned against you. This is the ultimate comeback which, once uttered triggers a chain reaction of events that collapses the sun, destroys the Milky Way galaxy, and ends all life in the universe as we know it. This is final. This is The End.
John:Ur mom gay, ur dad lesbian, ur granny tranny, ur brother mother, ur sister mister, ur grandpap a trap, ur ancestors incestors, and your family tree LGBT.
Henry: You've left me no choice.
John: Wait stop I didn't mean any o-.
Henry: It's too late. You've doomed us all.
Henry:ur dog a log.
*Gunshots sound, screams in the distance, sirens can be heard from afar. The moon has ceased to exist. The galaxy is spiraling 200000x faster, tearing itself and everything around it apart at rapid speeds. The end of the universe has come. There is no salvation. God has left the server.
by KingKonguptheAss May 18, 2018
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Possibly the most devastating words that could ever possibly be spoken by a human being, worse than ur mom gay, ur dad lesbian and even your granny tranny.
George: "Ur mom gay"

Peter: "Ur dad lesbian"

George: *On the brink of tears, using all of his might to conjure up the words* "Ur dog gay"

Peter: *Loses all fucking brain function and resorts back to a child like state, pisses himself and then fucking dies
by Sexhaver2000 March 24, 2018
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Faggot - ur mom gay lol
You - ur dad lesbian
Faggot - ur granny tranny haha i win
You - no faggot, ur dog incest
Faggot - dissolves
Ur dog incest lol
by Bootyeater96 March 16, 2018
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