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A True Gamer is one who consistently spends time playing PC and/or console games, at least three to four times per week. Hours spent playing can vary from only an hour per session to multiple hours per session. This consistent behavior must be present for a long period of time (i.e. more than 4 –6 months).

A True Gamer plays to have fun with the game and to have fun with friends. He/she enjoys winning, yet mostly is concerned with the pleasure of the entertainment.

A True Gamer also usually makes time to “fit in” a little time to play, no matter how busy he/she is. Playing games is fun and relaxing for the True Gamer.

A True Gamer enjoys playing a game AFTER finishing it; maybe not spend the same number of hours as before beating it, but will not sell the game after completing the main objectives.

A True Gamer DOES NOT buy a game, play and beat it in a span of one month, then never plays is again, then continues on with his/her life (this person could be considered a “regular gamer” or a “recreational gamer”).

More details regarding the “gamer” genre:
- A Gamer is one who plays PC and/or console games; one that may only play a game “once in a while.”
- A Recreational Gamer is one who plays only a select few types of games (e.g. sports, RPGs, or first-person shooter) and will only play the games when it is convenient to him/her (a.k.a Casual Gamer)
- A Hardcore Gamer is one who dedicates all free time to PC and/or console games. This person DOES NOT have to smell, be a geek, or any other stereotype associated with this type. This person respects the gaming industry for all of its accomplishments throughout its history, prefers to win, prefers to beat every game he/she plays, and talks to others about the games (in detail) he/she plays to others outside of his/her own house.
There are more recreational gamers than true gamers.
by Mr. Brown June 18, 2006

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The beholder of all the colors of the rainbow!
Hi there Telc, our beloved rainbow. I must say, you look rather purple today.
by Mr. Brown September 15, 2004

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