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There are a lot of definitions for this word and pretty much most of them are right, but they're all leaving out a vital detail : Gaming isn't just playing one company's systems and only the systems of that one company. To be a true gamer, you accept that a good game is a good game and you shouldn't give a crap what system it's on.
Guy 1: I only play games for PS3.

Guy 2 : Not me I'm a true gamer. I play all good games. Xbox, Nintendo, Play Station, PC, whatever.
by AaronXXX November 12, 2010

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A person who has a Youtube account, but either has absolutely no idea how to use it, or just has the account so that they can rate things and/or watch videos.
B:Wow, someone's a total YouNoob.
by AaronXXX June 21, 2010

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well, emos are often confused with goths and people most people think that just cuz they have black hair with long bangs and cuts themselves but this is very, very wrong.
emo people hate life, cut themselves and usually have great hair. true emos don't cut themselves for attention, like those fucktard preps who cut themselves, they cut themselves because if they don't, their world will turn upside down and there life will suck. another thing about emos is they aren't pussies like those stupid metalheads think they are. all the emos i know are just as freaking hardcore as any metalhead. and emos are usually way cooler and less dark than everyone thinks, cuz if you actually get to know them they will never hurt you, only themselves and don't even try to make them stop hurting themselves cuz they won't.
I know this emo guy and he's not as retarded as everyone thinks.
by AaronXXX December 21, 2008

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