Trout = 40 something male hanging out in clubs looking for younger females to prey on. (male Cougar)
He is such a Trout! He is to old to be in a club!
by Ivan1738 September 20, 2007
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A man who likes to date younger women (i.e. he swims downstream in age); Antonym = salmon (a guy who likes to date older women, or swims upstream in age). Synonym = male cougar
Bill's such a trout; everytime he enters the club he's got a younger chick on his arm...
by sunshark May 6, 2009
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Something you got slapped with in IRC
/slap urmomoncrak
**smegmaking_69 slaps urmomoncrack with a large trout.
by Smegmaking_69 August 3, 2009
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Noun. A perfect match for a Salmon

Synonyms: Special. Unique.
For years, Salmon swam through all the waters the world had to offer. He had seen oceans and seas, rivers and lakes, ponds and streams; and he had met many fish along the way. However, when he came across this particular fish, in a pond he never would've expected, he was stunned. Never in his wildest, fishy dreams, did he ever imagine he would find a fish as perfect for him, as he was for her. From the moment they first met, he believed in love at first sight, because in his heart he knew, he was her Salmon, and she was his Trout.
by SalmonLovesTrout4ever October 2, 2016
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A fresh water fish, there are many species of them. Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Tiger Trout, Lake trout, etc. Trout are a very popular game fish and are stocked in waters for Trout Season. Trout are also a very tasty fish which are commonly ate.
Fisherman1: Im waking up bright and early tomorrow for opening day of trout season!

Fisherman2: Definetly man! Im getting all my trout fishing gear ready tonight so I'll be all set for opening day.
by J.Skills April 22, 2006
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To refer to a girl who does not have a clean vagina, not an attractive woman
We still dont know why Hank is with that girl who is such a trout
by Thomas El Toro Purdy December 24, 2009
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1.Fresh water fish
2.An immoral woman, masked in cheap perfume usually scantly clad. Aged between 13 -18, a trout often walks the streets in search of her victim to whore herself upon. Usually dressed with nothing more than a belt for a skirt and a local market bought top with a cheap motif such as “von bitch” or “princess”. These girls, normally offspring of generations of trout’s have more than two unwanted children each (by different fathers of course) and seem to parade their children around as if a new fake gold necklace bought for £ 5 at the local market.
trout1: "ay shaz pass us that kid of yours, we will see if it can smoke yet?"

trout2: "arite then."
by ninja assasin of emo kids September 23, 2005
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