Shaz is a youtuber from Poland. He likes big ass girls and hot boobies. He is also a real life pepe
girl: Hey have you seen the guy streaming the Dino game?
boy: Oh you mean Shaz?
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by Razor Studios Ltd. January 05, 2020
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Miscellaneous and unspecified object(s). Another word for stuff, thing, crap, etc.
- Shit, I still have to pack up all my shaz for Cuba!
- I want to go out tonight, but I still have so much shaz to do.

by Steph Dz January 16, 2009
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Shortened form of the name Shahzad
A: You seen Shaz around? He owes me mad bills.
B: You mean Shahzad? The kid who just ran from Hopewell?
by SlimShizzy May 04, 2005
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To buy/find:

Schott jacket that doesn’t fit
Blonde hair dye
Big gold chain – with crucifix (cos I’m so religious)
Nike Air Max
Buy some contacts
V neck top with plunging neckline
Gel (from the cornershop – 49p for a big tub – happy shopper is best)
Loafers (preferably from the market)
Nail polish - pink is best
Fake nails
Nail piercing
Belly button pierced – make sure it gets infected
Obsessed with black boys
Get a boyfriend called Jermaine
Learn the language – wha gwan
Get some pikey friends who I can go and hang round the Station with
Take up smoking – B&H is best – Sovereign even better
Buy some really tight jeans (must be evisu) and turn the ends up when I’m wearing my loafers
Don’t forget the cartoon socks
Buy a nike hat
Get pregnant at 16 – even better, at 14 and take my baby in to show teachers and fellow pikeys
Have ‘attitude’ REPRESENT
Get a sovereign ring
Book my holiday in Faliraki – remember to pack lots of belts (sorry, skirts) and my best loafers and factor 2 sun screen
by Laura January 14, 2004
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