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Someone who says they are the opposite gender, but do not make any attempt to pass of as one, typically gets mad when they are misgendered
What is a man doing in the ladies toilets?
Oh, thats actually a woman
But "she" has stubble, that fucking troon.
by True christ January 20, 2018
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A girl that looks like she used to be a man. Not an actual transvestite, a real girl that looks like a transvestite. They are about 6 foot tall, wear loads of make up and false eyelashes. They act mannish and drink pints.
Can't believe you pulled that troon last night
by Robi Q August 12, 2005
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A town on the Firth of Clyde (Scotland) personfied by golf, neds and coffin dodgers (just for a change). Unfortunately the jewel on the crown of Ayrshire, it all gets worse the further you travel from it.
Where are you from?
by Squirrelking May 12, 2004
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1. A person of unparalleled annoyance.

2. A life-ruiner.
3. A person that displays little or no backbone.
4. Douche
That troon just single-handedly ruined my ENTIRE life!
by GLEE23 May 05, 2009
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A woman that looks like she used to be a man, and had a sex change, but in reality is just fuck ugly.
Dave: You see that girl over there?
Jake: Yeah, she looks like a right troon.
by L4don March 07, 2015
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a woman, that resembles a man.
when "royal" is placed before the word (Royal Troon)
this woman is probably the most ugly manly being roaming the earth's surface.
Eric: "dude have you seen the girl brad slept with on saturday?"

Zaq: "yeah dude! shes such a troon. he must have had one too many!"
by honeysuckles September 30, 2009
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Troon, Noun. A transphobic slur referring to a trans woman.
The word Troon used to mean "an ugly woman who looks like a man." However, over time the word has been co-opted by the Alt-Right and turned into a particularly nasty slur against trans women. To the Alt-Right, all trans women are troons.
Alt-Rightist: "Holy shit. Look at that fucking Troon daring to show HIS face in public! Hey buddy! GOOD LUCK CHANGING YOUR CHROMOSOMES, FAGGOT!"

*Alt-Rightist is promptly fired from their job when video of them harassing someone in public is sent to their employer. Alt-Rightist makes a YouTube channel where they post long, rambling, hissy-fits about the vast "SJW Conspiracy" that is clearly responsible for their misfortune. Not the fact that they acted like a jerkwad in public and got caught.*

*Video gets featured on Heat Street and Alt-Rightist is lionized by his fellow bigoted assholes.*
by BIllyoh! October 13, 2017
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