A game consisting of multiple males closing themselves in a bathroom. Usually at a party, one of the participants screams "ass game" and all other guys must follow him. Originally a way of drunkenly criticize women going to the bathroom with their girl friends.
Guy 1 : ASS GAME ! I gotta pee bros
Guy 2 : Yay, me too !
Guy 3 : Let's take pictures, guys !
by 309yoZi May 25, 2017
A game simply played whenever one party uses the word "ass" in conjunction with another adjective and the second party upsets the first party's statement's initial intent by changing the association of the word "ass." Mostly the game is played by relocating the emphasis and hyphen in the sentence.
Person not playing The Ass Game: Check out my sweet-ass bong!
Person playing The Ass Game: That is a pretty sweet ass-bong.
by maysueh January 10, 2009
Stupid fucking mind games, foolishness, shadiness - - head games with negative connations.
I'm so sick of you playing monkey ass games with my money.
by MileHighHeaux July 13, 2018
Ted:"Hey do you want to play H1Z1?"
Rick: " i dont wanna play that fuck ass game"
by Nude For Nude November 28, 2016