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Tristian is a shy guy, but he’s incredibly loyal. He’s good looking and handsome. He has beautiful eyes and a colorful personality. His laugh is the most adorable thing ever and the sound of his voice is so calming. He can make you laugh and smile at all of the sweet things he says. He is a great friend, but an amazing lover. Anyone lucky enough to be his knows that they are loved and cared about so incredibly much. He is loyal to the end and loves with all the love in his heart. He is a perfect boyfriend.
Tristian is so adorable.
by Fox1223 September 21, 2018
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Extremely good looking guy that makes a perfect friend. An emotional guy that can get any lady. When ladies think of him they say he has the meat. Optimistic person. A tristian is shy in person but a monster in bed.
Pulling a tristian is sending a random i love you message and the next day never answer a text.
by cashmoney26 January 27, 2013
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can sometimes be a fat kid but is the best person you can meet he will turn you day around he is nice,kind,and athletic. Once you date him don't leave him he can be romantic
by Hershey scotts July 28, 2017
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This is the realest nigga ever with chubby cheeks. No one is cooler than him. He is the greatest football player ever . He has a giant dick lol
Girl: who is Tristian Boy:God
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A very nice and cute person.He is very cute and hot.I forgot to mention that he has a very big dick.I call him daddy everyday.He has the best sex ever.His dick is gigantic yumm.
Girl: I gotta new bf
Boy:Is his name Tristian
Girl:Yup and he is the best, yum
by XXXCATT July 07, 2017
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Cupcakes are made of good things, but cabbage should not be consumed in square bowls.

A person made of glitter and urban socks, Don't make him strudel or he'll spank your Aunt.

He only pays in eftpos.
Boy: Do you know a guy named Tristian?

Girl? Yes.

Boy: Excellent.
by Fireflies604 August 20, 2011
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Tristian is a cut handsome guy he is so handsome he has a lot of girls that like him he has amazing eyes he is trustworthy he is cool but his perents are a little off but he loves bieng with his friends he likes a girl who is trustworthy kind and sweet he is more than just the outside.he doesn’t care how girls look like from the outside maybe just a little but he cares a lot how they act.
Tristian is so adorable
by Anmber November 08, 2018
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