Tristan is very family oriented and goofy. But he also is unfaithful and doesn’t like commitment. He lacks communication skills and doesn’t know how to express his feelings very well. Tristans are generally pretty athletic. He has a hard time opening up to people. He has a tendency to lie a lot and doesn’t like admitting when he’s wrong. He may seem like a gentlemen, but he’s secretly a freak. Tristan has a somewhat dark sense of humor. He may seem dumb at first and get decent grades, but he is actually really intelligent. Tristan wants to succeed in life and have a good job, like an engineer. He may not be the most attractive, but you will fall for his charming personality. Don’t trust him too easily though, because he can be very misleading.
“I should’ve known not to trust someone named Tristan after Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloe.”
by d_williams January 12, 2020
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Sad sleepy teen who does no work and plays video games all the time, is also socially awkward and annoying
OMFG that boy Tristan
by BlackBear6969 March 26, 2018
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A very smart but talkative person. Also very short compared to others. All the inches have been transferred to the shlong.
"Tristan had a good grade on his test."
by Tristan#8080 November 2, 2021
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A stupid girly name for a soon to be gay male millennial
by Poyfect September 3, 2018
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Tristan is guy who is rlly horny and has serious trust issues, if you ever date a Tristan be warned he will never let you go, if he falls for you he will fall hard. Ladies I would tell you to stay the hell away from a Tristan he will always hold on to you and at first you will think it's cute how clingy he is but then it gets worse and worse the longer your with him. No lies here he is a fine ass motherfucker

Good Luck if you are dating a Tristan
Have u seen Tristan

yeah ik he is sooooo hot
by comeatmebitch2005 March 18, 2020
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Master dick rider, will do anything for his "friend". Doesn't get invited to stuff, no real friends. Some think he is retarded
Have you met Tristan?

Ya I think that guy wants my dick he's really uncomfortable
by Jfkdnfnfrn June 11, 2018
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Tristan is a great friend but does get mad at the games he plays. He can make some good jokes and you are basically unable to get him off his PlayStation or his phone
Say I won a game against him:

Me: So I win then...

Tristan: OH COME ON!
by ShrekEatsCheesecake June 25, 2019
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