Can be a male or female name. When it comes to females being named Tristan, they are usually badass, these girls take no shit, they are brave, hilarious, beautiful & kind hearted.
When it comes to males, they are shy but when you get to know them, they loosen up & will keep you laughing forever!
Friend1: "Hey, you know that girl Tristan?!"
Friend2: "Oh my GOD, shes hilarious!"
Friend 3: "What about that one guy, Tristan?"
Friend1: "The exact same!"
by imakeitreign October 11, 2011
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None:a very very attractive guy who is very honest, sweet, and makes the most funniest jokes, also known as Tristasaurus the epic dinosaur who is spazzy, and is really nice to everyone who is nice to him, he also was the bravest knight out of King Arthur's round table.
Man, that guy Tristan is such an awesome guy.
by clairebear626 August 20, 2011
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An attractive name that is European. It is concidered a masculen name and a name that was use in middle ages, dark ages, and european stories like King Author and The Round Table.
Tristan was one of King Author's knights and fought with him in deep heated battles.
by bbcUK March 14, 2009
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Tristan is not really a loyal person, he gets the hoes, likes them and leaves. He is nice but has anger issues, he is cute but crazy. He is very embarrassing sometimes because he is awkward. But deep down, he is sad. Tristan is a sad kid in a sad world, he feels no one likes him, he feels trapped and alone. He wonders why he is alive. But one day, he will know why. Tristan only keeps secrets if he LIKES the person he told. He is quick to tell his whole life story to anyone, leaving people with nothing left to say. Sometimes he is gross, like he will lick his fingers which makes you want to vomit but Tristan is a sad,broken yet kind person. Maybe you should talk to him more.
"Hey Tristan are you ok"
"No,not really" *starts crying*
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by Itsabasicrat October 14, 2019
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Sad sleepy teen who does no work and plays video games all the time, is also socially awkward and annoying
OMFG that boy Tristan
by BlackBear6969 March 26, 2018
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He is a small, grimy looking mongoloid. He is annoying, loud, and is the worst Minecraft player I have ever had the misfortune of laying eyes on. His hairline is farther back than Michael Stevens' from the Youtube channel Vsauce. He is the biggest simp anybody has ever known. He puts Pokimane's T3 subs to shame. He is small. And when I say small, I mean shrunken. He is the shortest person I have ever met. The man could literally walk under the gap under the door of a public bathroom stall, standing perfectly straight up. He is just an all around nuisance, a menace, and a pest that should be avoided at all costs.
"who's that guy?"
"Oh him? That's just Tristan."
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by Tristanisanunglymongoloid November 10, 2020
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a super simp who’s probably talking to 10 other girls, but will never get one. He WILL slide into ur dm’s so be aware.
So this tristan just dmed me and imma leave him on read
by dkjaldjalfd October 13, 2020
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