Tristan is an amzing guy. He's funny and caring and can always make you smile even when you're down. He gives the best hugs and you always feel energetic when with him. His laugh and his smile are contagious and often times one finds themself lost in his brown eyes. His freckles are constellations and he consists of stardust. If you find a Tristan, chances are that he's probably a weirdo and a big goof, but he's the most amazing person. He cares about the person he loves more than anything, but sometimes he also needs space to be with his large clan of friends. Hurt a Tristan, and his army will attack. His girlfriend tends to be VERY protective of him because he's such a rare and special person. If you are Tristan's girlfriend, don't let him go. Tristan makes the world turn. Tristan practically lives on music. It's in his veins and his heart. He plays guitar and easily gets bored of any new sports. He's very active and adventurous, so be expecting a curveball 24/7. He can't sit still, so movies aren't really his thing, but i'm sure if one cuddled with him then he MIGHT cave in. That was a MIGHT. Tristan is an overall amazing person and a caring boyfriend. He's funny and very loyal. He makes an amzing friend, but if he is your boyfriend, don't let him go.
Girl, Tristan is really cute. Do you think he likes me? I mean, i've liked him for a while.
"Hey. Will you go out with me?"
"Hey Tristan. I didn't think you liked me."
"Well. Yeah. I do."
by Congratulations<3 April 13, 2019
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Tristan is a highly charismatic person that can get anyone to like or fall in love with him and doesn't take shit from anyone, typically friendly until fucked with and has big dick confidence for days.
Girl 1: have you heard? Tristan's dick is 8 inches long!
Girl 2: OMG and he's so hot too, my boyfriend hates him
by 8 inches of confidence April 28, 2019
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In one word he's Crazy lol Jk But i could never describe him in word! He's at least 13 words! He's so SEXY, SMART, ATHLETIC, FUN (in and out of bed), SENSITIVE, STRONG (Freakin Amazing Body!), HILARIOUS, CHRISTIAN, COUNTRY, PERFECT, CHICK MAGNET, my BEST FRIEND, and my FOREVER :) No one can ever have a dull moment when they're with him. BTW...Did i mention he's the best darn guy any chick could ever want?
Girl 1: Did you see that new guy at school today?
Girl 2: You mean Tristan?
Girl 1: yea...

Girl 2: Of course! You'd have to be blind not to notice him. He's the whole package!
Girl 1: Idk he's okay... Hehe jk he's freakin gorgeous!
Girl 2: You got that right!
by EmileeRocksUrSocksOff July 07, 2011
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This can be a female name. They are breathtakingly beautiful. Angelic eyes, soft, warm lips that will make you melt. A perfect figure. They have the best personality a person can get. If you ever get a chance to date a Tristan do it. They will be not only your girlfriend but your bestfriend. They tend to be tall for females, brown curly hair, and are just over all amazing. They hate being called sexy. They would rather be called beautiful. Treat them with respect, they deserve it.
I love my Tristan
I waited over a year for my Tristan

They love you this much (.) and it goes arounndddd the universe, comes back, and thats how much they love you
by Buzz Lightyear051013 October 10, 2013
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People who's names are Tristan are just amazing no one will ever be able to replace the Tristan in my life
Girl.Omg Tristan your amazing
Tristan. Thank you but I'm really not
by Reaper.heart666 August 28, 2018
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(Sir)Tristan (Latin/Brythonic: Drustanus; Welsh: Drystan; also known as Tristran, Tristram, etc.) is one of the main characters of the Tristan and Iseult story, a Cornish hero and one of the Knights of the Round Table featuring in the Matter of Britain. He is the son of Blancheflor and Rivalen (in later versions Isabelle and Meliodas), and the nephew of King Mark of Cornwall, sent to fetch Iseult back from Ireland to wed the king. However, he and Iseult accidentally consume a love potion while en route and fall helplessly in love. The pair undergo numerous trials that test their secret affair.
The legend of Tristan and Iseult is an influential romance and tragedy, retold in numerous sources with as many variations. The tragic story is of the adulterous love between the Cornish knight Tristan (Tristram) and the Irish princess Iseult (Isolde, Yseult, etc.).
by 007007007uk007 March 16, 2009
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The blackest white person ever. Hes a fkn mad lad and he enjoys fking the sexy ladys. Fkn will shank u if u speak shit to him.
Tristan: mad lad
by MADLAD_ May 29, 2019
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