Constellations are a imaginary pattern of Stars that are in the night sky created by many people. Constellations were known to be dated in Pre-History (which is also known as Before Christ, or BC) or in Greek Mythology. Known constellations are Pisces, Orion, Ursa Major/Minor, Aries, Virgo, Scorpius, Sagittarius, and a lot more, being about 88 constellations in the night sky. These constellations used to be a little bit unrecognizable in the years of 100,000-25,000 BC, and will become unrecognizable in the future approximately 65,000-125,000 years from now due to the movement of stars due to no gravity in space.
Wow! I didn't know there were constellations in the night sky!
It can also help me where stars are!
by Matthew Paano Torres July 30, 2020
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Used to describe the circumstance of someone having a large quantity of pimples, particularly on their posterior.
Making a bad porno movie worse were the myriad constellations of zits upon the actor's asses.
by Rod Brock July 26, 2006
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To Constellate: to look up in the night sky at stars and make up random and new Constellations.

Constellated (past tense),Constellating
Nina and Jerry sat outside one night gazing at the night sky, they noticed some stars were brighter and made different patterns, Jerry said to Nina that one looks like a cat, and so became the Cat Constellation. The next night Nina asked Jerry if he would like to Constellate with her again.
also similar to Constellating is gazing at clouds and saying that one look like an elephant as different shape clouds float by.
by Nstenb October 3, 2010
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When a black man has anal sex with a woman, and afterwards gets down on his knees and she spray farts the cum out onto his face making it look like a constellation of stars.
Aaron: Damn dude, that Becky chick was a freak. Tried to give me a constellation after I tore that ass up last night.
Dave: Did you let her?
Aaron: Course I did. Bitch was the Pelè of anal. Gotta keep that shit coming back. Gnomesayin'?
by extenz October 13, 2017
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When you begin to break out before/during/after your period.
Sam: Why are you wearing so much makeup?
Julie: Oh, I've gotten my menstruation constellation.
by caffinitive July 5, 2014
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This is the theory that the constellations when viewed all at once resemble the underside of a sea star, with major clusters of stars representing the mouth and the various stars extending form arms with small ossicles, spines, and tube feet.
That pot head is a huge supporter of the Echinoderm Constellation Theory.
by JewlEN November 28, 2007
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the number one breeding ground for stupidity
i'm not even joking i'm on there lmfao
"Hey you want to join the constellation discord server"
by rjgprjh4tkrjhpordj[ortj March 28, 2022
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