Short for 'Ding Dong Ditch'.

A game where the dinger will ring a stranger's doorbell and then run to cover and watch the confused victim.

Usually done at night
Friend: Yo, you up for some Triple D?
You: Fuck ya man! Lets get the folks that moved in recently.
Dirty Dump in my Diaper What else can I say Cuz I did im doing a triple d right now
Son:Daddy Daady I took a Triple D

Dad: S@$#
by Triple Truck D April 9, 2019
Drop a Dirty Deuce

The act of taking a 20min+ shit with either your phone, ipod or laptop or a combination of all three.
George - Yo where you going?
Brandon - I'm gonna go Triple D.
George - Make sure you take your keys I have class in an hour
by bds77 October 29, 2010
When three hot dudes stack on top of eachother, while having gay fag anal sex.
Deej layed on the ground, and Dave inserted DJ's russell between his luscious, creamy, cheeks, and then Dan climbed aboard Dave's lil tugboat. Then all three started thrusting and man handling one another and then mom walked in and yelled and there was no desert after dinner. But Dave cried because he really wanted desert and Dan comforted him with his juicy B, and Deej watched while fingering himself. The end. DAN ALL NIGHT! Therefore resembling three D's. The triple D
by Saklickr1414 December 3, 2006
The better way of saying Ding Dong Ditch ( the childhood rabblrouser activity where troublemakers knock on the doors of houses at night and then flee). The three D's from the original title sound much better an therefore should be used instead.
Bro 1: Yo, im mad bored.

Bro 2: Yeah word, lets go Triple D.

Bro 1 and 2 proceed to enjoy the exhilaration of Knocking and Running.
by B0475 N' H035 April 27, 2009
The Dark, Drunk, Duo = Triple D.
A dark duo ready to get drunk and take on the world.
Roxy: Hey look, there goes Triple D!!

Dave: Aye, the dark, drunk duo.
by Rodney Marmaduke August 9, 2007