dirty dump in a diper
teacher i took a triple d
by dope joke January 17, 2018
the worst group ever: this group typically likes to cuddle with men and pull beds next to men while they are sleeping.
kyle and colin are so triple D
by CFFL June 3, 2010
When calling someone a D-bag isn't enough and you don't have a lot of time, call someone a Triple D-bag. It stands for Dick-Dirt-Douche-Bag.
Person1: Lawl at you and your broken arm.
Person2: You're a Triple D-bag, you know that?
by $e9a June 19, 2009
When a guy performs anal sex on a girl and gets "doo doo dick" to where his dick has turned brownish.
by leeisthesexiestmanalive August 12, 2010
A girl that has Triple D breast and a magnificent booty. She may be short, but she's a bad bitch!
Victoria's Secret worker: "You have an exotic look, would you like to get professionally fitted for bra size?"
Lil Ma: "Sure!"
Victoria's Secret worker: "you are a 32 DDD"
Papito:"Dang Lil Ma, I knew your breast were the best I've ever played with, but Triple Ds? From this point forward I shall call you my Triple D Lil Ma!"
by Papirrin October 5, 2018
Ay man its been like 3 months since my sh*t been wet

Damn idk what to say but yu got Dat TRIPLE D cuzz your no pussy gettin face ass
by BasedGod_Bry February 2, 2011
When a hoe ain’t got laid in a min. Doesn’t necessarily have to be hoe, but the term is commonly used to refer to hoes that are celibate or haven’t gotten laid in a long time
Yo bro I think that girl has triple d: dick deprivation depression. She tells me she hallucinates dicks, balls and sperm when it ain’t even there and gets depressed coz she ain’t got laid
by Lovelylovella March 12, 2020