Very preppy New England College in Connecticut--possibly the most beautiful college there is (in terms of people AND campus, if you ignore Hartford.)
I am a rich, beautiful Republican and I go to Trinity College.
by Tammy December 30, 2005
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A private Catholic school located in East Perth, where young men grow up to be fucking dickheads who treat women like shit!
“Ohh you go to trinity college?” “you have Hudson’s dick pics? x”
by Mr O'Neill February 23, 2023
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The sweetest college in the Northeast. A gem in one of the slumiest cities in America. Located in the Hartbeat, if you are looking for a good time this is the place to be. Go to Psi U and have a rediculous time at a redonk party because we are all sweet. I LOVE IT!!
I had crazy sex after getting wasted at Trinity College
by MG February 17, 2005
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Trinity College is an all boys' school located in Western Australia, Perth, East Perth. The boys at Trinity College generally like to harass their teachers about their love lives and ask disturbing personal questions to them. Many of them have "sick" minds and far to intimate relationships with each other. The student body at Trinity mostly consists of boys who have brains the size of peanuts but otherwise like to kick the shit out of other schools' sports teams. Thus, the school is not highly experienced academically but excel greatly in sport.
Trinity boys are known for picking up all the chicks and not leaving any for any other boys' schools. But which chicks like a dude that hardly has a brain? Yeah, you're right. Most of them.
Girl 1: Hey, look at that Trinity College dude. Nice...

Girl 2: Yeah, his arm muscles are probably bigger than his brain.
by KwlieZ July 14, 2011
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In the heart of Ireland's capital lies Trinity College. Loved by tourists for resembling Hogwarts, Trinity is actually the only spot in the Republic which is still technically British. Oscar Wilde is revered, and you can find plenty of wankers who want to be just like him. Trinity students are renowned for 'living the wild life', and a stroll through front square will often be interrupted by cries of ''It's Pimm's o'clock!'' and ''God save the Queen!''. If you enjoy being better than all the little scrotes around you - Trinity's for you!!
If you're Irish but love English dildos Trinity college is the place to be!!
by Joe Frazier September 21, 2011
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A school in Perth dedicated to dry humping animals and pounding tight male ass. Trinity pride themselves on slaying hairy hairy dick during classes. Many speak of trinity students having tiny dicks and hairy nipples also all having ass wholes the size of 3 convicted rapeists in prison put together
Aquinas College: We heading to Trinity College for sport this week, hope you like herpes.
by Scotch College June 15, 2011
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An East Perth college who take pride in anal penetration via carrots. Trinity Teachers also enjoy watching students do such things. They love a little phap after classes taught by male teachers and tend the bathrooms at break time holding hands. Their cocks are average length, but thinner then pencils. All their second teams and lower suffer from lack of sperm in oral/anal cavities, while their first teams only suffer from itchy scrot. They are also know for preforming childish pranks including Phantom and lawnmower on peers. Many Trinity students prefer to be known by other abbreviations such as Sarah. Students are known for choosing anal before sex especially when it is done in the maccas bathroom.
Guy 1: "We're versing Trinity College this week"
Guy 2: "fuck, I remember half the team had green shit running down their legs"
Guy 1: " Yeah I saw that too. all their chairs also have two dildos attached"
Guy 2: "one to stop leaking and one to stop queefing"
by WesleyWankers May 13, 2021
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