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The sweetest college in the Northeast. A gem in one of the slumiest cities in America. Located in the Hartbeat, if you are looking for a good time this is the place to be. Go to Psi U and have a rediculous time at a redonk party because we are all sweet. I LOVE IT!!
I had crazy sex after getting wasted at Trinity College
by MG February 16, 2005
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an herb smoking booze chugger; friends with the red baron and caveman
You party animal, you are quite the goerlach.
by mg March 10, 2004
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the street gang formed in New York their colors are black and red. their known enemies are the the southside bangaz and the lawrence gummos
yo i saw some guy in the park the other day gettin fucked up yo he was gettin the shit beaten out of him yo i recognized the dude who did it though it was a 9'zz gangbanger
by MG December 01, 2004
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One who performs action or presents themselves on a very hobolike or poor and unprofessional manner
Dude that guy wired this panel totally hobes
by MG August 10, 2003
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A leet.
Midnightghoul found THPS4 PC.
Midnightghoul is in the cool band TEDEL
Midnightghoul, come hither!
by MG April 17, 2003
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A Man is sait to "vulture" when he sweeps in and takes away a female who has been rejected by one of his peers. The analogy comes from the Vulture, a species of bird known best for its consumption of meat from dead carcasses. In This case, the "Vulture" comes in and finishes off (pulls) the rejected carcass (female)
A fat bird comes on to you, you say "piss off you fat minger" then five minutes later, your mate comes in and gets off with her, hence, vulture
by MG November 02, 2004
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Willingly under the control of a female.
Steve Massinello chose to go to Florida with his fiance rather than play in the big game because he is pussy-whipped
by MG September 27, 2004
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