The original group of fuckboys who flex all their money
only want to fuck and then ghost you. 2 week relo max before you get cheated on
obsessed with sport. Think their all tough and top shit, shame their all rich cunts
will talk a big game but in the end their all huge pussys who can't fight for shit
Girl 1 - Are you talking to Daniel from Aquinas?
Girl 2 - Yeah I think he really likes me
Girl 1 - Nah he's a player he just wants to fuck you and leave
by slutpolice May 13, 2019
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The dormitory in Seton Hall where the bitches are exempt from fucking, or being fucked.
Fuck bitches, except for the ones that live in Aquinas.
by BasketballTycoon April 15, 2011
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A term that is used to describe a young scholar

They're one-woman gentlemen who are trained in Catholic to follow the footsteps and the patron saint Aquinas
They are blameless and trustworthy gentlemen who spend most of their time enjoying studies in the most luxorious city(CANTOMENT).
Due to how they are ladies always crush on them
1.The young lad was given the attribute of an Aquinas boy
2. He is an Aquinas boy
3. The Accra Aca boys were asked to act like Aquinas boys and learn from them
by Okpoti April 14, 2021
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Aquinas College is a school located in Perth dedicated to love between two men. Aquinas College is a school full of skimpy faggots who have the impression that they are cool. Students in this school take joy in clenching each other's

ass cheeks and taking immense pleasure in it. Some things Aquinas students like to do consist of, Swordfighting, widening each other's assholes, viewing of gay porn and anal penetration from behind. If you are in Aquinas and are butthurt by this factual text then you can go fuck yourself.
Davo: Hey I heard we're playing at Aquinas College this week.
Stevo: Shit, I sure hope no faggots dig into my bag and sniff my underwear like last time.
Davo: well there's no guarantee it won't happen, stevo, gay people can't control themselves.
by T💚💙C February 27, 2019
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Aquinas College is a school made for boys who think they are top shit, but realistically are socially retarded, big foreheaded, snobby faggots who harass chicks for nudes, they also get handed everything and have parents who wave money in everyones faces.

hell cool wannabe eshays.

they are known for being some of the biggest fuckboys, yet don't even pull.

often wear there aquinas hats outside of school to let people know they go there.
Majority are also the size of my toe.
Aquinas College guy: I'm gonna fuck u so hard, surely send, u are so hot, I wanna eat u out so bad

* sees girl in person, can't even say hi*
* stands in corner awkwardly in his wannabe eshay wear*
by wehateacxx May 14, 2019
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1.To engage in theological conversation when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
2. As in scholastic theologian Thomas Aquinas. To start talking about God when nobody has a clue what you are talking about.
We were smoking some spliff and then he went totally fucking Aquinas on us, and starting explaining how God made the telephone, wallpaper, cannabis, etc...
by Scotus January 25, 2005
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a high school located in a bad part of rochester NY where everybody gets shot and killed and where guidos from greece or the city go. they wear half buttoned up shirts with their chest hair hanging out with (fake) gold chains, gelled hair and other non-attractive attire. the girls are trashy whores and wear blue eyeshadow and way too much makeup. but everybody goes there because they think its the cool thing to do. its not cool at all
those kids at aquinas institute are trash
by anonymouss yo September 3, 2006
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