Slang term for the word "perhaps" created by hyatt119
"Are you going to mall today?"
"Phaps, if i can get money."
by Mario Marzano December 17, 2007
The sound that is made when a large penis hits someone's face. Similar to a slap, however done by male erection instead of hand.
Wow! I don't think she was expecting him to phap her that hard! or That hooker got phapped good.
by La Playtym Anytym July 2, 2010
A phrase used to shorten the name of the scientific course "Physics AP: Mechanics" or "Physics AP: Electricity + Magnetism". This phrase not only describes a scientific course, but also implies sexual innuendo. See fap.
Lorraine: "I hear a lot of people are planning on taking Phap next year"
Lorene: "I wish I could take Phap."
Lorina: "I am!!!"
by Incognito12 February 20, 2014
(verb) - To clap with one hand.
(noun) - The sound of one hand clapping.
I can phap with both my hands at the same time. You could say that I'm ambidextrous.
by bumpercarBOOST January 25, 2010
The skin in which is you belly fat and steves oil storage
Y/n :Hey dude you've got some phap
Steve:it's where I keep my oils
by Jdbdjdh January 18, 2022
Masterbating in the shower. The sound the water makes when masterbating in the shower
I was phaping in the shower
by Bucky79 March 4, 2018