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The lead singer and co-finder of a very talented band, My Chemical Romance. He is Very talented cause he not only sings, but is an amazing cartoon artist. With his poetic lyrics and kick ass vocals...he rocks! Though it would not be My Chemical Romance without the rest of the band.He is VERY talented and just happens to be very good looking too.
Gerard Way is soo talented and derserves the fame he has.
by Tammy April 29, 2005

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What is My Chemical Romance without Mikey Way? The younger brother of Gerard. Sure he is a nerd, but a hot one. So sweet as to give up college for his bro in order to play bass in MCR. I thank him.
Three cheers for Mikey Way!
by Tammy April 29, 2005

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an older woman who buys extravagant gifts for a person and may/most likely will receive sexual favors, in return.
I got that new sports car from my sugar mama.
by Tammy April 06, 2004

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Very preppy New England College in Connecticut--possibly the most beautiful college there is (in terms of people AND campus, if you ignore Hartford.)
I am a rich, beautiful Republican and I go to Trinity College.
by Tammy December 30, 2004

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A very deep and generalised boredom with one's life.
Some high-schoolers may think they are suffering, because they're "bored and do not want to do their homework"...Yes well it's deeper than that, so no you're not suffering.

Comes from the french word ennuyeux, meaning, boring/annoying

See also, depression
If any of you have ever read "Education for Leisure", a poem by Carol Ann Duffy, then I can tell you the charcter most definately has this problem
by Tammy December 12, 2003

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The hottest and most talented woman EVER to walk this earth, and I`m heterosexual, I swear.
Anyone in their right mind should be madly in love with Miss Watts.
by Tammy January 22, 2005

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One of two people who are madly in love--Merritt or Abbie.
Merritt and Abbie are moobies!
by Tammy December 30, 2004

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