Travis is cool peoples but don't fall for that shyness and charm. Travis has a need to fill and will sleep with everyone, moving from bed to bed. Very skilled in sex so that mouth and tongue down there will have you turnt up! Travis will hit it and then leave after getting what he came for, whatever that might be. Travis does not stick around. You might get 10-15 minutes of talk time afterwards but don't count on it. Always on the prowl for something else so Travis might see you again, but chances are, Travis won't. If Travis does happen to see you again, it just means no one else is available. After Travis is satisfied, Travis WILL ghost you again. Beware.
Travis texted me so I'm next on the list.
Travis is lonely so he texted me for a hookup.
by Waddup With That July 05, 2020
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Travis, the one guy that every one wants to hang out with. He is one of the people that every girl wants. he is a guy with a VERY large penis. he will go down on a girl and never come back up for air. he is a very intimate person.
Macie: oh my god, me and travis went out and we werein bed allllll night, he feels amazing

Logan: Okay, i would go gay for that guy.
by im trynna smash 420 April 02, 2018
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Hmm. What is a Travis. He has curly hair and big brown eyes. He hates his smile even though it's perfect. He is determined and independent and very stubborn. He is the quiet observer to people that don't know him, but he is hysterical and silly to those that do. He has a kind heart and an old soul. He is always willing to help someone in need and is an amazing person inside and out. He is a beautiful person and I will love him forever and always. To the moon and back because he is Travis.
Travis is a locked secret unless YOU have the key. :)
by SuriStar February 16, 2016
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The best friend ever and wants to show you all the cool stuff
Hey can we play a game
Yeah sure let's ask Travis
by KiddSwirlz March 22, 2017
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the hottest guy you will ever meet, he is so awesome that i fit all of the things about him and if you mess with Travis than boy you better run
"wow see that guy hes so a Travis"
by ohfrickno March 19, 2017
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the nicest/sweetest guy ever! also known as sexy, hottie, or cutie. Amazing at dancing and jet skiing!
That guy was totally a Travis! =
by this_monkey_eats_apples July 30, 2008
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