the hottest guy you will ever meet, he is so awesome that i fit all of the things about him and if you mess with Travis than boy you better run
"wow see that guy hes so a Travis"
by ohfrickno March 19, 2017
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the nicest/sweetest guy ever! also known as sexy, hottie, or cutie. Amazing at dancing and jet skiing!
That guy was totally a Travis! =
by this_monkey_eats_apples July 30, 2008
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A tall sexy man who is fun to be around he makes jokes about bad things but still makes you laugh he is irresistible and you will do anything to hang out with him
Who is that tall sexy hunk? Probably a Travis.
by Holly//21//& October 20, 2018
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a little hottie who says he's shy but is as loud as a jet. Travis' also listen. Travis' are great guys who you should get in with
Travis: hey
You: im home alone and freaking out
Travis: ill come over
You: okie dokie
via giphy
by LonerWhoNeedsToGetALife April 12, 2018
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Deeply cared for and loved. The perfect example of perfection. Knows how to make a girl feel on top of the world. Amazing at stealing hearts and making girls fall madly in love with him. Indescribable, unbelievable.
Bri: Travis has stolen my heart!
Other girl: is there somewhere I could find one?
Bri: he is all mine, therefore you will never find someone as perfect has him!
by Grace.0105 November 16, 2013
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Possessing desirable traits/characteristics to the opposite sex - i.e. Tall, handsome and intelligent. The scale by which other men should be measured. Travis' are known to be manly men. Drinkers of Guinness and fine Scotch. Who needs a liver when you look that good? It's common that a Travis is usually about 175 lbs of pure awesome.
"On a scale of 1 to Travis, that guy is about a 4."
"This party is so lame. Somebody call up Travis - see what he's up to."
by DaniC November 30, 2009
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wastes at pretty much anything and is usually used for sexual pleasure.
and smeone who is a master in bed
oh man he was being such a travis yesterday
by pussy liker January 22, 2008
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