A girl who doesn't take shit from anybody. She is easily hurt but always keeps a smile on her face. Her friends mean a lot to her but they can annoy her with things they say a lot. She has a lot of opinions but keeps them to herself. She is one of the most understanding people you could ever meet and feels seriously betrayed if you lie or use her. She most likely won't warm up to you unless you mention something she likes. She's an ambivert and gets overwhelmed easily but over all likes the people she hangs out with. She's a sucker for smiles and memes. If you find a Bri, treat her correctly because she probably has been hurt a lot in the past.
"Bri! Over here!"
"Sometimes I wonder why people stop talking to Bri, does she do something to them?"
by Cori? February 11, 2019
Bri is an amazing person to be around. If one of your friends has this nickname you know they're amazing. Bri is gorgeous and just has a hilarious personality. She is always there for you when you most need her. She keeps her head held high and makes sure everyone around her is happy no matter what mood she is in.
she's THAT bitch. a true sister. always has the tea to spill. will smack a bitch if she feels like it.
Friend 1: Do you know Bri?
Friend 2: Yeah! She's THAT bitch!
by yescerritos September 30, 2018
A girl that is amazing in so many different ways. If you are ever her freind or boyfriend then consider yourself a lucky person. She may be hard to deal with sometimes but she is more than worth
Dude you know bri if you don't then you should she's the most amazing girl you'll ever meet in your life and she hawt af
by Bri lovin November 30, 2014
Bri is a strong and beautiful girl that will steal your heart. She’s very tough, if you happened to argue with her, she would win. Any guy that’s lucky enough to date her and get out alive when they break up is a unit. Any guy who gets the chance to talk to her without getting viciously roasted by her is a legend and his name will go down in history. She probably won’t listen to your problem unless you’re one of her VERY good friends so if you’re not one of her good friends don’t bother because you’ll either get roasted or drop kicked. The choice is Bri’s. If Bri happens to be on her period, do NOT talk to her unless you want to get sent to A&E. Bri doesn’t put people before her. She is a rich person and is very selfish. Bri has a dark yet decent sense of humour and has a dreamy smile and laugh. You’ll rarely see her smile unless she’s with one of her VERY good friends, aka her private cult. She is great to have around if you’re one of her VIP Friends because there’s a 50% 50% chance that she’ll stand up for you if you get roasted. Bri has an excellent future ahead of her. She will likely become very, very rich because of how intelligent she is. If you’re a Bri, consider yourself amazing! Bri’s are amazing people, and one of the best people to have around!

Author of ‘From the Rift’, SparkleStriderx
‘’Did you hear about Sparkle challenging Bri to a scrap?’’

‘’Oh, yeAH, I did. Bri won.’’

by SparkleStriderxWATTPADADDME March 10, 2019
Bri is a gorgeous, incredible, and outstanding person who has a beautiful heart. Any guy that dates her or even just gets the chance to talk to her is lucky. She will listen to your problem when you're sad, no matter if she is sad herself. She puts people before her. Bri has an AMAZING sense of humor and has an incredible laugh and smile. She has a smile that will make you want to smile if you're sad. She is so fun to be around. Bri has a great and bright future ahead of her. She will be famous for having an OUTSTANDING singing voice. She will melt your heart when you hear her sing. :)
Did you hear Bri sing?
Have you seen Bri around lately? I miss her beautiful face. :)
by Girl with a heart July 9, 2011
Bri's are magnificently fascinating, and impeccably complex in the most beautiful way. It's extremely crazy how fast you can be engaged in there silhouette. They have quite an ability to make awkwardness, comfortable in a strange but lively way. It's easy to be captivated by their excitement over The Walking Dead, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a funny picture, and/or food. Bri's are incomparable; nothing can come close to Bri. They have distinct mannerisms, which makes you find yourself smiling at, whenever you are near them. You could have the worst case of the blues and Bri's could turn your frown upside down. They can make you chuckle just by the way they look at you. They have an appealing, down to earth personality. They're nothing shy of down right amazing. Bri's make it hard to remember what it was like without them.
Lena: Isn't Brianna such a dork?
Jivana: Yep
by tylerWOLFLOVERposey April 20, 2013