An amount of time designated for sweet-talk, necessary for those who don't often express their feelings.
John doesn't talk much about his feelings. He shows me that he loves me which is beautiful and more than enough, but sometimes I just really want to hear it, too. So we now have a few minutes of designated sweet-talk-time.
by April 9, 2023
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A YouTube series that has been running for 5 years and has little to no success
Man, I bet he has a Talk Time With Noah going on, I feel bad for him.
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A work-derived term denoting that special time during the day that you can get together with your friend and talk shit or share stories about what is going on in the office, while simultaneously making tuna for lunch. This term is a variation of tuna time, which is simply making tuna without the talking. One of the two tuna talk time participants will most likely be a tuna snob
Candi and Nathan usually meet around 11:30 at least once a week for a tuna talk time session.
by Ethan April 28, 2005
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The point, halfway through a threesome when the two male participants change ends and discuss strategy.
Martha was more demanding than initially thought. Barry and Ted discussed how to up their game during the half time talk.
by The curious bibliophile February 22, 2019
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a common P Miller phrase, meaning your talking all crazy and not making any sense.
quit talking all nine times eight
by van whalen January 20, 2008
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basically, the person who tells you this, is the fucking worst person, so do not be friend with that person cuz I have a friend like that, she just texted me that cuz we are in an argument, they are very toxic peeps.
'(the argument or whatsoever), whatever i dont want to waste time talking to you...(the emoji which have its eyes rolling)'
by iamunknowncuzwhynot? May 22, 2020
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