A sexy fisherman who looks great in capris
A fish practically jumped out of the water when he saw Travis in his capris.
by MonkeyFlopper November 20, 2014
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1. verb. To act weird in a manner that is contagious
1. Oh my gosh Billy, stop pulling a TRAVIS when you eat that worm!
by ArLeeNiE May 21, 2005
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april: omg did you see that travis!
steph: yeah totally do-able...!
by c.a.s.p.er January 31, 2008
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The best guy you will ever meet. He goes well with a Jasmin.
He has brown-blonde hair, and amazing eyes.

He is hot and cute at the same time. Everything about him makes girls go crazy. He's big into flirting, but he knows where his heart is.
Girl 1: Wow, that guy is so hot and cute and amazing at the same time!
Girl 2: He's probably a Travis
Girl 3: His name is Travis. I talked to him yesterday
by California Gurl August 06, 2012
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A guy who has a god complex, crippling depression and no-self worth all at the same time.

Appreciates sharing oxygen with a woman in a 20 metre radius.
Travis enjoys gently caressing LEGS
The word Travis originates from 'Sex God Pariah' from 3000BC, when the first Travis was born
by NudesCelebsForFree.Com April 07, 2018
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Travis is an impressive man of wit and brawn. He's a stud with the ladies and often is overcome by so many women wanting his enormous junk. He is a virtuoso at everything he does and is the proverbial anti-chris. Travis is the kryptonite of Chris and is the only hope the world has for defeating the mighty Chris. He battles with his powerful allies: Roger Federer, Taylor Lautner, Rafael Nadal, Michael Schumacher, Jeremy Clarkson, and the almighty Datsun 280Z. Travis can defeat Chris only with the power of the stock 1978 Datsun 280Z because it is poison to Chris, comparable to a silver bullet to a werewolf.
Holy fuck, I think that was just Travis and his counterparts coming from the great battle of Chris vs. Travis. He must have slain the beast and claimed his beautiful latina girlfriend for his own.
by Rogerfedsun280z December 06, 2010
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Sexy dude know as Trav as getting bad bitches, But the hoes call him "T-Nasty"
"Is that Travis ?, no that's T-Nasty"
by Travis McIrv December 07, 2011
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