the act of cutting ones pubes off, holding them in your hand and while cuming on a girls face throw them on her and scream "warewolf"
Michelle didnt know what to say when Johnny screamed warewolf while throwing pubes and cum on her face
by DominicGio July 7, 2008
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The point of no return for a man who is under the spell of a warewolf looking girl while heavily intoxicated. His fate will ultimately be, waking up to the ugliest of any girls he has ever witnessed in his life. Although a friend might try multiple times to warn him of the major regrets he might face in the morning, and for the rest of his life, the warnings go unnoticed because he has already been warewolfed.
"Boo, how the fuck could you let me go home with that THING last night?"

"Troy....I tried with all of my power to intervine, but it was much to late. You had already been warewolfed!"
by bobbybomb December 17, 2011
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shave off all ur pubes thn wen ur doin a chic pull out nd cum in her face nd through th pubes in her face thn kick her in th shin nd she'l houl aaaahhhoooooooo
i the warewolf my gf last nite it was good dam funny
by todge666 February 27, 2008
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shaving all your pubic, armpit, and leg hair off after your boyfriend notices how hairy you've become.
I tried to see how long I could go without shaving anywhere till my boyfriend started to complain now I am de-warewolfing, ugh!
by MudSlinger714 November 9, 2010
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When You Chop off a girls pubes and cum on them and then put it on your face and howl like a Wolf!
Nebraskan Warewolf: ARRRUUUUUU!!!!
by milky Straws April 23, 2009
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this sound is a diverse and different sound that sounds like a new york cab going down a dirt road
Person 1: I hated that song
Person 2: Me too, i just liked the 'ooooooh' part with the warewolf sounds in the back
Person 1: I know! It made me feel like i was almost IN the cab
by susieq3311 April 26, 2007
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Scary-Warewolf: A Scary Warewolf takes place in the act of filacio, when you bust a nut on the oppositions face, you then proceed to rip out a portion of your own pubic hair, (though as painful as it may be) and you smear it on the face of the recipient, giving them a scruffy, scary appearance.
This girl I hooked up with last night, I totally gave her one wicked of a Scary Warewolf. I didn't shave for months, I was soo prepared.
by UltraS606 April 1, 2016
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