A genre in manga and anime where a single (often ordinary) girl is liked and followed by a bunch of handsome men (3 or more) who are all madly in love with her. The girl often cannot pick which guy she should go out with and remains indecisive.

The male version of this is harem
Ouran high school host club and the wallflower are reverse harem manga/anime.
by Hespia Klarerin December 4, 2010
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a relationship where Elise Coley is surrounded by her yandere boyfriends who go to extreme lengths to compete to have her hand in marriage. the harem stalks her often and know her every move.
the men that are in her harem are
teru teru
and the list continues forever, as her lovers get more and more obsessed.
guys look, there’s elise with her reverse harem following behind her!!
by user998c January 25, 2021
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A collection of Males, lead by a Woman.

Made wildly popular in Japanese Animation. Where there is more then three men, that gather around one central, female character

(As seen in: Ouran Highschool Host Club, Hana-Kimi, Fruits Basket ,Fushigi Yuugi,Saint Seiya,Wallflower.)
"So, who were those guys walking with you?"
"Oh, just my reverse harem."
"No, shit. How do I get one?"
by Dark-Seraphim December 4, 2006
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