a predominately black community with a poor social structure, characterized by a lack of social mobility and propensity among members to enter the illegal drug business
It's hard fo' a nigga to get out of the trap
by G-stoneee August 17, 2011
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This is when two or more guys dance on a girl, as she dances, while surrounding her and blocking all paths of escape. Normally done in a club or party to avoid being rejected. This is typically performed just to fuck with her and make her feel like her shit really does stink.
"Yo that girl ova there fine as hell but YOU KNOW she stuck up, lets trap her"

The girl, "What the fuck?!?!" as she attempts to escape and reject you all but cant.

Disclaimer: If your black do not attempt this move on a white chick as it may lead to incarceration.
by taino3444 April 14, 2010
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A man who looks like a woman with no intention of looking like a woman, specifically in the context of anime. The term stems from anime discussions on 4-chan.
Ross: Dude, she's so hot
Gabe: Nah man, that's not a girl, it's a trap!
via giphy
by Thebuzz76 November 04, 2017
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noun. The sag in a males ball sack
Origin: From the lexeme 'trap'. It began it's popularity when a male would zip up the fly of his pants and the excess skin of the scrotum would get caught in the zipper, thus, the skin would be trapped.
Participant 1: dude, think I may need stitches...
Participant 2: what happened?
Participant 1: Fucking traps man... I was in a hurry this morning and cut a hole in my ball sack
by Bigboy422 July 01, 2014
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A transexual, a woman who was previously a man.

Commonly mispelled: tarp
you> hey man, check out this hot chick
your mate> WTF MAN ITS A TRAP!!
by Lolling Pin December 29, 2005
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The "trap" refers to a situation in which a woman tells her spouse that she is using birth control pills, when in reality she isn't. It's called the trap because if the woman becomes pregnant "accidentally," the man is essentially trapped for the rest of his life, having to raise the kid and pay child support.
The trap is a serious problem in the urban black community.
For a man, the best defense against the trap is to use a condom every time.
by Norad II September 03, 2005
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