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I'm not leaving the house today, so I'm going to wear my trackies all day.
by methistime August 11, 2012
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A term used in the UK to describe athletic clothing, shoes or performance gear usually when worn by a female
I put my trackies on to go jogging with my mates
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A chav phrase for Tracksuit Bottoms or Track Pants, Its used a lot by Scousers
Where did you get them trackies from?
by stevie-J August 16, 2007
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n. - A term often used in underground techno and house music circles to describe an electronic composition which is at it's core usually a repeating 1, 2, or 4-bar loop. The purpose of this is to allow a DJ to quickly and effectively mix the record with any other record in a set without having to pay particularly close attention to one record's fills or changes over time (also known as phrasing).
"That new Hardcell record is particularly tracky."
by Kevin Farabaugh August 23, 2003
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Trackies are kids who participate in track, and probably cross country in high school. These kids are obsessed with their sport, and basically live to run. And then eat. And then sleep. And then run some more. And this is the wonderful cycle of a trackie's life.

Sometimes trackies would rather spend their saturday at a track or cross country meet than at a raging party. But they still have the same amount of fun because they're all so close and cool. Trackies are also often considered as ... well a cult.
Nick- Hey, should we invite Phil to the party tonight?
Sam- I don't know man, he's such a trackie, he might be at a meet.
Nick- But trackies are the most fun people around!

Jill- That was such a great run. Let's go get some pizza now.

Greg- Great idea, then I think I feel a nap coming on! It's what us trackies do!
by hotpinkrunningshoes August 12, 2011
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Track suit pants worn by muzzas and muzteks in melbourne.
person a: Watta muzza!
person b: yeah with his adidas trackies!
by mooncrater October 06, 2010
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