Code name for a giant black cock and balls.
JD: "Hey, Marc, check out that shot of the armory!"
by keldren June 10, 2007
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Guns. Serving all your needs for when the cast of Jersey Shore comes to town.
I just gave you an example. Jigsaw Armory.
by Michael Douglas & Sons November 19, 2010
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a 1337 controller company that makes the best custom Xbox 360 controllers in the world.
Oh snap, I just got my Modz Armory controller in today!!
by siomav November 4, 2011
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Term in the game natural selection for marines who fill up on ammo without paying attention to anything else, making them easy prey for the kharaa
by Anonymous July 23, 2003
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Someone in a wide variety of multiplayer and online games that steals equipment you see from the area where it is spawned. This can be found in many games including Resident Evil: Outbreak, Halo 2, or Runescape.
"Yo, we were having a LAN party over at Digital Mayhem, and that Armory Humper, Scott, kept stealing the fucking energy sword!"-The Omega Master
by -The Omega Master February 26, 2005
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When after you run at the Armory Track in NYC, you cough and wheeze on the train ride home due to the shitty, stuffy air in the spot
Matthew: *Cough Cough*
Ashar: What's up man you got AIDS or sum?
Matthew: Nah g I just got out of the armory, got a case of Armory Lung
by RatFuckerNYC December 21, 2021
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da armory- a well-known stomping ground for 3/4 of the legendary group known as b.t.o.o.l. while many see this area as simply an indoor track, these 3 cunning fellows see it for what it truly is: a pussy palace. the amount of do-able females strutting their finely toned asses around da armory is refuckingdiculous. even a vetin could easily sleep with half of the females in the building in a 10 hour span. it is not unlike the b.t.o.o.l. members to stalk their prey before they pounce, and it is also not uncommon for them to get no response from some females. however, because there is so many "babes" around, it does not phase these fine young men, and they proceed to get unlimited amounts of phone numbers from girls ranging from 8-9.2 on a scale of 10.

one terrible deficit for these boys is that these girls often live millions of light years away, resulting in a long distance friendship as opposed to a hookup in many cases. this phenomenon is known as "gebhardt syndrome”. For information on the methods used by these lads, see “number game”
B.T.O.O.L. Member: Dude, Da Armory this weekend brah so pumped! Gonna get so much pussy!
Observational Bystander: Who the fuck are you kidding, you're just going to get a girls number and text her for a few weeks. Pussies.

Terry proceeds to eat the bystanders brain and innards.
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