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A beautiful language, spoken in France, Switzerland, Monaco, and several countries in Africa. French is a language that "sounds pretty" or sometimes even "sexy" when a hot French man speaks it, using soft delicate words.
It's a language that even when saying the most vulgar phrase in the world, can sound beautiful.
Pierre- Tu es une putain grosse! (you are a fat whore!)
Janice- Aw thanks Pierre! You're so sexy when you speak the French language!
Pierre- Merde. (shit.)
by hotpinkrunningshoes August 21, 2011
the anxiety (stress, sadness, annoyance, jealousy or anger) felt from having a twin. This usually comes from the feelings of being compared to your twin or that everyone likes your twin better. Identical twins have it even worse, as half the time people mix the two of them up! Other times it's just that one phrase that can really set off twin anxiety: "Hey, what's it like to be a twin?! Isn't it soo cool to be a twin??"
Bob- "Kylie what's it like to be a twin?"
Kylie (one who has a twin)- "HOW WOULD I KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE TO NOT BE A TWIN?!"
Bob- .... You must have twin anxiety!

Riley- "Why so down, dude?"
Roger- "I'm so sick of having a twin, he follows me everywhere man... People can't even tell us apart. I definitely have a bad case of twin anxiety. "
Riley- "Sucks, dude."
by hotpinkrunningshoes August 25, 2011
an awesome party city located in Switzerland (the middle of Europe). Geneva is full of International schools and students, as well as bars and night clubs. The drinking age in Geneva is 16, which would explain the awesomeness of the city, as well as the behavior of high school students. WE PARTY HARD IN GENEVA!
Rex- Yo, it's time to partay!
Ahmed- I love living in Geneva, Switzerland. I'm 16, so I can get into bars.. Legally!
by hotpinkrunningshoes August 21, 2011
The most painful and often ongoing injury one can get- and usually developed from running too much. XC kids- they understand.

Ice and resting and lots of food and hours watching mindless television and popping Advil is required for their healing, and sometimes that doesn't even work. But only cross country runners can truly understand and handle the pain of shin splints.
Cross country girl- Pete, I can't wait to see you at the XC championships!

Cross country guy- I don't know if I'm gonna make it, Ashley.. I have some real bad shin splints!

Cross country girl- suck it up, and run like a real man. And take some Advil for your shin splints too.
by hotpinkrunningshoes August 13, 2011
Trackies are kids who participate in track, and probably cross country in high school. These kids are obsessed with their sport, and basically live to run. And then eat. And then sleep. And then run some more. And this is the wonderful cycle of a trackie's life.

Sometimes trackies would rather spend their saturday at a track or cross country meet than at a raging party. But they still have the same amount of fun because they're all so close and cool. Trackies are also often considered as ... well a cult.
Nick- Hey, should we invite Phil to the party tonight?
Sam- I don't know man, he's such a trackie, he might be at a meet.
Nick- But trackies are the most fun people around!

Jill- That was such a great run. Let's go get some pizza now.

Greg- Great idea, then I think I feel a nap coming on! It's what us trackies do!
by hotpinkrunningshoes August 13, 2011
an awesome landlocked country that lies in the middle of Europe. Switzerland is often mistaken for Sweden or Swaziland. Dumb Americans generally believe that people from Switzerland speak "Swiss" when actually German and French are its main languages.

Switzerland also is a place full of as many expats and foreigners as actual Swiss citizens. International schools rule the country with its crazy students from all over the world.
Mike (an American)- Yo, you lived in Switzerland for 10 years... Does that mean you speak fluent Swiss?
Sarah (girl who lived in Switzerland)- No dumbass, I speak French! Swiss isn't a language.

Kelly- I go to International school in Switzerland, but I'm actually American.
Tony- No way! I go to International school in Switzerland too, but I'm Venezuelan!
by hotpinkrunningshoes August 21, 2011