people finders, searchers, locators of long lost friends etc. People who are employed to find other people.
My friend dropped out of everything to go follow the grateful dead after candyflipping one night, so her mom hired some tracers to bring her back.
by Unn December 18, 2004
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A Tracer is the vortex shaped trail of webster residue left in the toilet bowl after a large deuce has been flushed. As the Cosby nugget circles after flushing, its relatively heavy weight causes it to drag. Its greasy composition leaves a visible residue that subsequent flushes will not remove. A Catchers mitt can greatly alleviate the Tracer's effect. This situation will be more pronounced in individuals that consume largely Hispanic or deep fried diets.
Dude, you need to cut down on the KFC. You're leaving Tracers in the bowl!
by Horatio/Nelson July 30, 2009
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A lesbian; more specifically one whom participates in oral sex.
"I just found out my sister is a tracer." :/
by rahjahbahblah April 20, 2008
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A non-alcoholic beverage (usually pepsi or coke) to have after a big drink of strong alcohol.
"Dude, your going to need a tracer after that 151."
by sled-ninja April 05, 2006
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Just your average FPS player, but constantly on Crack and Steroids that constantly is warping everywhere making it impossible for anyone to kill her as she picks every single person off your team and t bags as she sticks you with her bomb.
Person 1: Oh no it's a tracer main!
Person 2: Hurry let's leave
by Not_a_Overwatch_Weeaboo June 15, 2017
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"the tracer shit" A tracer is eaten and poo is monitored until the tracer is passed
I'm feeling a bit backed up and wonder how fast im passing the food I eat so I eat a fuck load of sweet corn and wait for the tracer shit to splash in to the bowl
by Goingmunting September 23, 2011
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Stone Tracer is the term used to describe one of the practitioners of parkour in the decade of 2010 and before. The first word "stone" references the stone age. The second word of the term "tracer" references the act of tracing by a traceur, one who practices the sport of parkour.

The term was created along with "Caverunner" with the belief that current freerunning/parkour practices and competitions will eventually evolve into a widespread cultural phenomenon that will hold the same status as the various sports practiced by youth such as skateboarding.

First coined sometime in the mid 2000's along with the term "Caverunner", the term is believed to originate inside the United States. The exact origins are not known, but the term has become widely used within various parkour/freerunning hotspots around the state of Texas.
"Back in the day we stone tracers didn't have all the anti-parkour laws you kids got now."
by Dznil October 25, 2009
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