Same concept as a chaser for liquor, only a tracer is made to chase mushrooms, cough syrup and shit like that. You drink some soda to ease the stomach and help prevent nausea, and you see trails of the soda cup becoming 7, 20, 150 soda cups as you attempt to set it back on the coaster on your table.
Psychonut-Pour me a tracer round, sun drop I don't think I can do it at this point man help a brother out I can't see straight.
Sober guy- I'm glad I'm sober, if I was drunk I might shot you because you said something about pouring tracer rounds. Yea I guess so man, you know that shit can't be too good for your brain if you can't pour your own drink and you're drooling all over yourself .
by Solid Mantis October 26, 2016
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The lines you see after things have already moved from their previos state after consumption of too much alcohol and or too much drugs.

The burning glow of hot lead flying by from a gun.
Oh man im so messed up im seeing tracers.

Oh Shiznit that was so close I saw the tracer duck.
by E December 30, 2002
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the visual sensation of images seeming to have a trail behind them due to eat a lot of mushrooms.
dude, when i turn my head i get all sorts of these freaking sweet tracers, o my look at the unicorn!
by crazykarl April 28, 2008
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Ok. This one is a trip: Tracers are seen as a result of the vision contorting drug that is LSD. I have never seen tracers on Mushies, Yak, Speed, Green, Ox, Perc, Hydro's, Flex, Trazadone, or Molly. They are Lights/Aura's that emit energy that you transmit from your neurons that have been overloaded by doses. Your Inner Eye Precieves them as a hallucination, but they are real.
Tracers are Life Altering, Take Percaution when Following them, especially if your outside or on a train track when trippin.
by T.S.1. November 08, 2009
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One who colors in the lines of an Artist for Comic strips.
You don't even draw the comic, you just trace over it? You're a fuckin tracer man!
by Anonymous October 30, 2003
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apparently what every girl wants to be
Susan: Did you hear?? Jennifers already tracer! ;(
Holly: NO FAIR!I wanna be tracer!
by YouREMumGey December 10, 2018
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Dan - "awe man, I took a huge shit and I had some tracers"

Mike - "tracers? Did you have corn for dinner"?
by a CAN OF WHIPAZZ March 18, 2009
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