a slang often used in the upstate New York to refer to drugs, so as to not tip off local police or other people not in the know your talking about pot or other drugs.
"Hey you know where I can get some sweet corn?"
"Ya man, they be selling some sweet corn down on the corner."
by JupitarGirl89 September 17, 2009
An exclamation of joy in response to something that is more than awesome.
"I just got a full-ride to Pepperdine!"
"Sweet corn!"
by Joey777 August 15, 2006
A slang for pot, often used in areas where they sell sweet corn, so as to not make others know your talking about buying weed.
Dude I looking to buy some sweet korn.

There is some dank sweet corn for sale down the street.
by Stalinismydaddy June 13, 2008
Nickname for really obnoxious, fat people, who like to be all up in your ass and never leave you alone. Also, known as a Donkey (Jack Ass.) Tends to be very random, and think of themselves as hilarious.
"Wanna Come Over?!:D:D:D:D"

by Sweeetcorn August 6, 2010
A challenge where the girl eats nothing but sweet corn for two or more days followed by some anal sex. This is done so there will be no shit in her asshole and will instead be full of sweetcorn.
Guy A: Guy B. When will you do the sweet corn challenge?
Guy B: I don't know man. Like wouldn't that just be like fucking a can of sweet corn?
Guy A: No balls you won't.
Guy B: Fine I'll do it.
*Days later*
Guy B: Well, that was wierd.
by 0TT312 February 4, 2018
Sweet corn soup means a person who is really sweet who is really sweet and romantic person who simps only on one person.
by urbanofficial:) January 4, 2022
male sports man who sticks his penis into another male's asshole. Also known as sodomy
White cracker: Sol Campbell is a frigging gay
Jim Crow: Common ma, the nigga ain't no sweet corn miner
by z-murda May 15, 2009