Produces cars of such quality that they just keep on going, no matter how hard you press the brakes! A truly fine example of Japanese craftsmanship.
Janet drove her Toyota through the living room (again) thanks to her unstoppable "tank-like" vehicle.
by DMG260 March 25, 2010
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A support system for a stainless steel exhaust tip for those who have micro dicks. A cramped little shitbox with a 5cc sewing machine motor. Something to bolt a grocery cart handle to while the zit faced asslick behind the wheel pretends that it's a spoiler.
I think I just squashed another Toyota.
by Hoze December 07, 2003
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a piece of shit japanese car company who would love to see american automobile industry fall to the ground. Soon to be dominated by ford motor company and General Motors. An automobile company that has the most recalls out of every automobile manufacturer.
Mike, I should listened to you when you told me to spend my money where I made it. That ford would look alot better in my driveway than that rice burner.

Support the american economy, blow up your toyota.

Keep it in Japan.
by al77 May 14, 2007
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cars possessed by the ghosts of WWII japanese kamikaze pilots
i was driving down the road in my toyota camry when all of a sudden, the word "banzai" blared out of the sound system and the high beams turned on. it turns out, my camry wanted to kill the ford in front of me, so the bitch started accelerating. i now drive a subaru.
by lookit mah monkayyy May 05, 2010
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A vehicle that somtimes has a gas pedal that sticks to the floor for unknown reasons EX; floor mats, bad software, crapy engineering, Toyota calls this "unintended acceleration", And or a vehicle That the brakes do not work no matter how much you push the brake pedal
Joe: Slow Down!!!

Mike: I cant this piece of shit toyota is going faster by itself!!

Joe: WTF, were gonna die!! Turn the Key OFF!!

Mike: I Cant, theese new cars dont use keys!!!

Joe: (non-recognizable screams of pain from impact)

Mike: (screams muffled by airbag as fire incinarates his body)
by Carguy777 February 27, 2010
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Overrated Japanese car company that cons ignorant americans into thinking their cars are made in the USA just because they "assemble" a couple of them here. Build assembly plants in the southern states to avoid paying their workers a decent wage & to avoid the UAW.Bland boring cars & trucks that cant survive longer than 5 years in the north due to cronic rust out.
Pick one they all suck.
by Kevin December 10, 2004
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A japanese car corporation that makes crappy vehicals for stupid americans who would rather support japans economy more than there own.
Sue: I can't belive my dads car broke down while he was driving me to school
Tom: dosen't your dad have a Toyota
Sue: Uhh Yeah
Tom: Then why are you so suprised, maybe you should buy america next time.
by ETFrocks!! June 23, 2009
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