A relationship between two or more people who are constantly fighting or on thin ice with eachother but trying to maintain the relationship.
“Yo I hear Gavin and Lara are fighting again....”
Shiii again? They’ve got a really Toxic Relationship, man.”
by LNac March 8, 2018
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Exactly what Alexis and Mackie have
Alexis: “bruh I’m only with you for sex”

Mackie: “take your shit back I don’t love you”

*2 hours later*
Alexis: “I miss you baby”

Mackie: “I love you so much”

Their friends: “that’s definitely a toxic relationship
by Sillywillygoose April 11, 2020
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A relationship that influences one party to stray away from their core values in order to have a relationship with someone who breaks these core values
Spencer is in a toxic relationship with Morgan because he started partying in order to gain her attention.
by truthdude58 September 24, 2018
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When Hermione lodge and Hiram lodge are always together in riverdale!!
You:what’s the most toxic relationship

Me:the way how hermione and Hiram are always together
by marisolxstar November 24, 2019
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When the relationship between two people is toxic, dangerous. They're slowly destroying each other but they don't see it. They're unhealthy for each other, blinded by their romance. A kind of abusive relationship, a toxic relationship is poisonous to the individuals emotionally, spiritually.
They're using each other, it's such a toxic relationship.
by reyholmes May 12, 2018
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When all a couple does is fight to the point where one or both hurt each other
One or both partners cry very often due to all the fighting
My husband and I are in a toxic relationship.
by Baby_bear1326 January 13, 2016
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if you are in a relationship and you are feeling insecure and you are feeling like you cant do certain things around your spouse or boyfriend that is toxic if you are feeling stressed all that you need to go sis its toxic and your hurting yourself.and another ex;is doubting yourself they shouldn't control everything you do
girl evertime i go around i feel like Im putting on a mask like Im trying to hard for this relationship . (toxic) stop leave i know its hard. toxic-relationship
by exclusiveass.tete February 23, 2020
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