a toxic relationship between two people who argue over nonsense and how trust issues.
Boy 1: “damn sofia and brandon are toxic asf

Boy 2: “they have a toxic relationship”
by jakesgreat01 February 2, 2021
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A relationship between two or more people where you are all such unhealthy people and you feed off of each others unhealthiness. You are slowly destroying each others happiness or health with or without even realizing.
You: Should I go for a run?
Friend 1 and 2: Naw watch this Tik Tok
Friend 2: Does anyone want salad?
You and Friend 1: Can't we just have Taco bell}
Friend 3: Ughhh this is such a toxic relationship...eh whatever
by hallah.bread January 15, 2020
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1. an association with one who engages in normal boyfriend-like behaviors at random and sporadic intervals; but without any regular consistency.

2. the condition or infection of a noxious chemical or other substance, causing lust, love, total confusion, and an increased proclivity towards drunk texting.

3. half-dating a guy you can’t get over because his erratic behavior makes you act like a total fucking lunatic.

4. dating mr. yuck.
I am going absolutely crazy trying to figure out what is going on in my Toxic Non-Relationship.
by Dating Mr. Yuck June 23, 2010
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A relationship that causes physical pain, vows that revolve around unaliving, and pain to everyone around them.
Oh dude, have you seen the latest headline about Machine Gun Kelly and Meghan Fox? The engagement ring he gave her stabs her. They drink each other's bl00d too... Weird stuff. What a Toxic/Unhealthy Relationship.
by HarmoniousChaos July 1, 2022
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In family a toxic relationship could be seen as the member of the family using words or reminders of something that they’ve done for you to coax you into doing things that would only benefit them , they make you feel you owe it to them.these are people if you say no to you would feel hurt by it ex: mom or dad). In friendship a toxic relationship is chaotic,because you have an emotional bond towards them you constantly do things that they like putting they’re likes and dislikes before your own if you fall into these types of relationships it is possible you’ve had problems making friends in the past and is terrified of loosing the connection.intimate relationship toxicity can be very complicated.at first it isn’t visible it may become visible when they call you names or make you dress down . you love your partner so you’re willing to take any abuse thrown at you .mental, emotional or physical abuse. They revolve solely on sexual intimacy or providing your partner with wants such as food, housing , money.In a toxic intimate relationship you’re willing to give up your everything just to please your other even if your breaking your core values.Its possible that in all three toxic relationships neither of the pairs realize it’s toxic ,they feel that it is completely normal what they are asking for or what is being asked of them because of personal experience or they believe that its how they keep their relationship together .
“What you’re mother ask of you isn’t right and the way you comply isn’t either , you two are in a toxic relationship
by April 18, 2022
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Toxic relationships is when your girlfriend don’t want you to do hot girl shit this summer and protective.
Taxi cuál es su chip toxic relationship Wiz the same time I love the app I have
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Kaleb: *venting*
Mian: Youre in a toxic relationship
Kaleb: SO ARE YOU!
by druwl October 29, 2021
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